Vacation Eats: Everything I Ate In NYC (Yum!)

I am so excited to share my NYC eats with you today. NYC was a delicious, & intuitive experience for all of us.

sally loo's wholesome cafe

I’m going to start with Monday of last week, when I was still in SLO. I am doing this so that you can see how I eat right BEFORE vacation as well (often, women struggle here thinking they need to be perfect – you do not! Listen to your body, even just before a vacation).


Brunch – an egg sandwich at Sally Loo’s Cafe (above) in San Luis Obispo with a soy capp. I enjoyed this with Marco & his grandpa. After brunch, we explored the town by foot for over an hour. It was so beautiful & sunny out.

chipotle bowl

Dinner – Marco & I walked to Chipotle. We’d done his grocery shopping for the week I’d be gone, and instead of grocery shopping for MON/TUES too, we thought it would be more fun/less stress to eat out before I left. I got a burrito bowl filled with yummy veggies & guac.


splash cafe SLO eggs & bacon

Brunch – we walked to Splash Cafe here in SLO. I got eggs & bacon. I love this breakfast from Splash 🙂

Spencer Makenzie's World Famous Fish Taco's

Dinner – Spencer Makenzie’s here in SLO. We got the 2 for 1 World Famous Fish Taco’s (Brooklyn Style – Sweet Chili Sauce) & shared a clam chowder. I was a little too full after this meal, even though I didn’t finish my plate. We walked around a bit after & then walked back home to watch a movie 🙂


I didn’t take any photos Wednesday, because I wasn’t planning to share. Whoops! I’ll tell ya in typing what I had 🙂 Breakfast – an english muffin with turkey & pesto. Lunch – a salad with sliced turkey (made at Mom & Dad’s in Ventura). Dinner – rice, veggies, and homemade asian noodles by Dad. In-between I enjoyed a Soy Match Green Tea Latte, and an Unsweetened Hot Passion Tea Latte, both at different coffee shops where I worked on Wednesday.


NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 5 of 26

Breakfast – at the airport with Jen! We split this veggie & avocado breakfast burrito, nibbled at a few potatoes, and left the rest. It was a good find, and we were so glad, because SBUX was not serving Spinach & Feta wraps (sad!).

A little note: I went to NY with Simi (@themicroharvest) & Jen (@thehappyhealthybalance). So, when I say Sim & Jen, that’s who I’m referring too! We went for a coaching conference called HMBA Live.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 6 of 26

Pre-Dinner – yeah. We were hungry by this time! We didn’t eat on the plane, because we were too excited chatting the whole time! And also resting 🙂 Our dinner reso was for 7:00, and at 5:00 we were starved. So, we put out things in the apartment (yay AirBnB!) and headed out for a snack & dinner.

We landed on the patio of Little Prince. It was GREAT. We all split quinoa salad, and Jen & I split these little toasts with avocado, radish, and walnuts. Yum! I also had a sourdough bread roll.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 7 of 26

Dinner – we met up with Jamie & Isabel for dinner at Hundred Acres.

Guys, I’d tell you which part of the city these places were in, but honestly, I can’t remember! I’ll attach all Yelp links instead :).

This was a fun dinner! I wasn’t that hungry, as we’d just had that pre-dinner snack. So, I had another glass of Rose and nibbled on some of this Kale Salad while we all talked. The talking was the best part!

After dinner, Sim, Jen & I walked back to our Apartment & stayed up chatting for a while. Ah, these chats were my FAV. Did you see in my post yesterday, all the AHA’s I had in NYC? They were so good…


NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 8 of 26

Friday was the first day of our conference at HMBA Live! It was great. We woke up and walked down the street to Hu Kitchen before heading to the NYU Skirball Center.

Breakfast – I got a mash-bowl with taro “yogurt,” fruit, and something else (ha! I literally cannot remember what’s on top). It was sooo yummy! The perfect size. I had a Coconut Matcha Latte as well.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 9 of 26

Ah, conference break = Stumptown Coffee many days 🙂 So great!

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 10 of 26

A small Soy Latte 🙂

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 11 of 26

Lunch – a veggie quesadilla at Quantum Leap. SO good! I enjoyed half, and gave the rest to a homeless man in Washington Square Park. We put all of our leftovers together, and Jen did the giving :).

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 12 of 26

Dinner – again, suppper hungry by dinner time. We walked to Cafe Clover on Friday night, which was SO good!

The great thing about NYC and my eating experience, was that I felt hungry at each meal, always knew I could get whatever I wanted, and stop when I was satisfied (I knew I could get more anytime – there are a million things to try in NY).

I also knew that I wanted to feel light & ready to walk/talk throughout the entire trip. Overeating was never on my mind. There’s something to be said about eating GOOD food & always knowing you’ll get to have more. Sim & I talk about this in Finally Free.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 13 of 26

At dinner we all shared the “crackers” above. Sim & I also shared this kale salad and beet/apple salad. It was perrrrrfection.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 14 of 26

Sim & I also shared this salmon with spaghetti squash, & these olive oil mashed potatoes. It was a super light meal, which was perfect, because we were all feeling tea & dessert afterward :).

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 15 of 26

Petite-Treat – we walked back to Hu Kitchen on the way home from dinner, and each picked out a treat. I got these Almond Butter Cookie Dough Truffles. Uhm. Yum! I enjoyed two with Chamomile Tea this evening & we spend more time chatting away in our apt. Seriously, my favorite part. I stuck the rest in the fridge :).


NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 16 of 26

Breakfast – I enjoyed this soy capp with this rosemary & currant scone. Holy. Yum! This was the most wonderful, different tasting scone… it was like nothing I’ve had before. I nibbled on this while we talked over coffee, on the patio of Stumptown.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 17 of 26

Lunch – we walked to a Dos Toros for lunch… which is confusing, because it’s basically Chipotle. Someone tell me the story?

I got the same exact burrito bowl that I’d get if I were at Chipotle. It was great. I got chicken on this one, and ate about 3/4. It was filling and held me over well until dinner.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 18 of 26

Petite-Treat – a pistachio gelato popsicle from Popbar! I enjoyed half of this as we walked back to the NYU Center. So yummy, and put a huge smile on my face :).

As I was eating this, I had a little AHA moment: food really does make us happy. Anyone who says that’s not true, is not eating good food! The catch? Food only makes you happy to a certain extent. Happiness with food is: eating what you LOVE, experimenting, trying new things, paying attention to your food, and stopping when you’ve had enough. Food STOPS making us feel happy when: we eat past our fullness, we restrict ourselves, we’re eating bland food, or we’re falling into the binge cycle. (Of course, it’s especially important that we have MANY other things in our lives that are bringing us happiness, food cannot be the ONLY thing).

Anyone agree?

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 19 of 26

Dinner – Jen & I walked to Whole Foods and I got a soup. It was a 3 story Whole Foods!

I wasn’t that hungry so I got a breadstick and soup.

After dinner, we went back to the NYU Center until 9:00 PM to enjoy a “fireside chat” with Stacy & Carey from Holistic MBA. This was likely my favorite part of the conference, because the two of them were able to kick off their shoes, sit with all of us, and be so authentic & real. It was a really great/fun time!

We walked back to the apartment after, spend MORE time talking (but I’m sure you already guessed that!) and I enjoyed two more of my truffle balls from Hu Kitchen.


NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 20 of 26

On Sunday, we played hooky from the conference, because we really wanted to play in NYC. We started our day with coffee talk at Stumptown. I got a soy latte. Mmm!

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 21 of 26

Brunch – for brunch we met Elle at The Butchers Daughter. It was a good walk from Stumptown and felt like a great way to start our day. I love all of the walking we got to do!

I enjoyed two eggs, 7-grain toast, potatoes, and guac/salsa. I think I finished most of this plate here :). What I remember most was good convo. Of course!

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 22 of 26

I also had a bite of the GF scone with jelly that Sim ordered for the table. Deeeelicious.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 23 of 26

After brunch we took a cab downtown. We stuck our bags in Simi’s friends hotel room, and from there, walked quite a ways to Central Park. Sunday is when we did most of our walking, and got the most sun. The weather was AMAZING while we were there, and the air felt SO good. On our walk to Central Park we stopped at Organic Avenue to get iced coffees with almond milk. Mmm! So good!

Once in CP, we walked around, found a spot in the shade, and sat and talked for a good hour :). I loved this time together so much. We all got to know each other so well on this trip. It was so special to me.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 24 of 26

Snack – a Luna bar in the cab on the way to the airport. So boring compared the rest of our food, but, was all I had in my bag just in case I got hungry throughout the trip (we also talk about this trick in Finally Free!). I HAD to eat something at this point. I was SO nauseous from our awful cab driver. All three of us were ready to barf. STOP. go. STOP. go. STOP. go.

Anyone had this experience before? BARF.

This snack & water made be feel SLIGHTLY better.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 25 of 26

Dinner – Jen & I got out of the cab, checked-in to our flight, and immediately were searching for food in hopes of feeling better. We found a pizza place and salad bar, which was perfect. We both nibbled on this salad, and I enjoyed a slice of pizza while she enjoyed a spinach calzone. We felt MUCH better after sitting and eating.

NYC Eats Healthy Hits the Spot - 26 of 26

In the flight, about 5 hours after dinner I began to feel hungry again, so I snacked on the other Luna Bar I had in my backpack. This time it tasted better :).

We landed at LAX an hour early, which was so nice because we were both exhausted. It took us an hour to get home. It felt like I fell asleep the instant I hit my sheets.

We had SUCH a great time. I am feeling so fulfilled, eager with ideas for Finally Free & Healthy Hits the Spot, and so grateful for life in SLO with my Husband.

HOLY COW. That’s a lot of eating to write out :). Two hours later, and I’m done with this post. Ha! I hope you all enjoyed eats from my vacation!

Would you like to see more of these posts from traveling? Was this helpful?



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