Vacation Eats: Intuitive Eating While Traveling

I am excited to share more vacation eats with you today. I posted my NYC eats about a week ago & you all loved it. You liked seeing an example of how to listen to your body on vacation.


splash cafe slo eggs and bacon

Before my cousins got to SLO, I went to the gym & then walked myself to breakfast at Splash Cafe. I ate all of this (this is an older photo, but this is EXACTLY what I enjoyed on my own date this morning). We only had oats at home, and after a week of oats for breakfast, I REALLY wanted my eggs :).

Turkey sandwich loaded with micro greens, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and cheese from Mother's Tavern in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Once my cousins arrived in the afternoon, we walked to lunch at Mother’s Tavern. I ordered a veggie & turkey sandwich on rye with a side salad > fries. Sounded better! Ate all of this.

Afterward, we walked around town and shopped. Our whole trip was full of walking and dancing, and laughing… laughing our buns off.

We ended our shopping adventures at Starbucks I enjoyed half a soy latte on the drive up to Cambria. With dancing on the side. And being totally weird to everyone who drove by. YES.

goofing off in cambria ca

We ate dinner at Los Cambrita’s. I ordered a side salad and chicken tostada’s. I ate half to leave room for plenty of dancing that night. We had SO much fun. We danced our little hearts away at a dive bar downtown. There was a live band. It was great. I ate the other half of my tostada dinner at 2:00am after our walk home as I was hungry again.

By the way… I discovered the best drink while we were out, thanks to my cousin Megan. I’m a vodka soda & lemon girl. But this drink… my goodness. It took vodka soda to another level. PEACH CIROC vodka soda with lime… AH! So refreshing, light, and not sugary at all. My new go-to when I’m out. I woke up feeling GREAT the next day, like I hadn’t even had it.


Breakfast panini with fruit at Linn's Cafe in Cambria, California

We started the day with a walk to brunch at Linn’s (best ever!). I ate my whole sandwich and felt great afterwards. To say I love sandwiches is an understatement… They satisfy me so well!

fun with girls in cambria ca

In the afternoon, I ordered a mocha & enjoyed a small sample of fudge while walking around. I drank my mocha and decided not to buy a piece of fudge because it was a little too sweet. Was nice to taste it though :).

wine tasting in Cambria

We also did one wine tasting while we were out. Eh, not great! But… we did get some GREAT dinner recommendations while we were there, and of course, it was fun!

centrally grown in cambria ca

Before dinner, we drove up the coast about 5 minutes and landed at the most AWESOME place: Centrally Grown. We walked around the gardens, played corn hole, sipped a glass of wine, and then headed out to dinner… it was so fun!

dinner at indigo moon in cambria ca
burger and fries and indigo moon in cambria

My cousin and I split two dinner entree’s at Indigo Moon (imagine both plates in half). I also had one sweet potato wonton that Holly ordered for the table – yum! I ate my half of pasta + a couple more bites and my half burger & most my half of fries. I felt perfect afterward, and loved the variety.


We started the morning with a walk to grab coffee since the lobby wasn’t open for coffee (what!!). I ordered a small soy latte and fully enjoyed that. It carried me over to a late brunch at the Garden Cafe.

Girls' Weekend Brunch at Garden Cafe in Cambria, California

Brunch breakfast sandwich. I ate a little less than half of this and knew I was full. I was a little bummed that I was already full because it was SO good. Haha! I reminded myself, like I always do, that I can have more amazing food the very next time I’m hungry. So, I stopped and felt PERFECTLY satisfied walking away. Marco enjoyed the leftovers the moment I got home from my cousins weekend.

Chimichurri sandwich with side salad for dinner at Urbane Cafe in San Luis Obispo, California

I continued my vacation at home and went to dinner with friends & Marco at Urbane Cafe. My friend Kaycee was driving back down the coast from San Fran and stopped to see us. Yay! I got the Chimichurri sandwich, which was awesome! It’s their special right now. Marco and I also split a soup with bread.

Vacation eats were mostly a late breakfast and dinner each day. This is what time permitted for and what felt best :). I see vacation eating as the same or BETTER than eating at home. I appreciate that I don’t have to cook, that I get to choose whatever I’d like off a menu, and I always remember that I can eat like I’m on vacation daily. These days there’s no more all or nothing mentality floating around. It’s such a relief! The biggest thing for me is HOW I eat whatever I’m craving. Slow & steady wins the race. Mindfulness & feeling calm is key.


Summer is full of vacations. If you’d like to learn how to eat in a way that allows you to feel good, sign-up for Self-Love Summer. We’ll be teaching you! We’d love to have you if this is up your ally. We start Sunday May 31st with our first Self-Love Step & phone call. Get in before we start!

With these “Vacation Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories, even on vacation.

Love, Paige

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