Valentines Day ♥

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! I did 🙂


Yesterday morning around 6:45am, Marco showed up to my house as I was reading with all of these gifts.


He always comes over for Quiet Time in the morning with me, and we do a couples study.

Anyway, he has a key to my place, and when he came yesterday he knocked instead of using his key. Not knowing what he was doing I shouted “come in!” I was thinking “why isn’t he using his key?” I was totally confused at why he wasn’t opening the door himself like he normally does. A few seconds passed as I heard him struggling for his keys and finally… he opened the door. I saw all of these things in his hand and instantly felt like “oh my gosh, you are an awful person for not answering the door!” Haha, this teaches me to never assume things!


I opened my card, and my gifts, and starred at my beautiful roses. Inside the first gift was the best thing ever – yep, Lulu Giftcard! Look at the CUTE pouch they give you! Inside the second gift was a shirt from M. Fredric that I had been wanting. I felt so special!

We had such a good day… let me tell you about the whole thing 🙂



Green Smoothie


Vanilla Latte with Marco’s Grandma. We had a Coffee Date 🙂



Turkey sandwich + a handful of salt & pepper chips (this is so simple, but honestly my favorite, most satisfying lunch – I am such a sandwich girl!)


Plus, blueberries that you can hardly see in this picture!

At 3:00, Marco picked me up for V-Day


We walked downtown and picked up 2 chocolate covered strawberries


Our next stop was getting our movie tickets for Safe Haven early


Next, we continue our walk down main street and each got a yummy treat drink

Hot Chocolate for Him

Sea Salt Caramel for Her (such a delicious treat!)


With our drinks, we eat enjoyed a chocolate covered strawberry. Chocolate is a must on VDAY! 🙂

After Palermo, we walked around downtown a little bit more, and then headed to Pategonia. For his Birthday this past Tuesday, I got him a flannel and reusable water bottle from Pategonia, and my Mom got him a giftcard to pick something else out. While there, I found myself a super nice warmmm green jacket way on sale for $96 dollars. If you know Pategonia, their jackets seem to go all the way up to $700! Yikes!


Our next stop was dinner. We went to Eric Ericsson’s which is the place where we ate right before he got down on one knee 🙂

To drink, I had a water, and a vodka soda with extra lemon. I switch sips between the VS and my water 🙂


I also snacked on half of one of the three little pieces of bread. I didn’t want to fill up before dinner, because I knew I wanted to eat all my food 🙂


For me: salmon with rice pilaf & veggies (so delicious!)


For him: salmon sandwich with french fries (such good fries! I stole two :))


After dinner, we parked at the beach and hungout until we had to head back downtown to the movie.

Safe Haven was so good. BUT, I realized during that movie that I am the biggest chicken ever. While the movie was absolutely romantic, it was also terrifying! Go watch it, and you will see what I mean….

Oh, and of course, a small popcorn with butter was shared during the movie, as well as a Starbucks Green tea. I always have warm drinks with me in the theater. It’s comforting 🙂


We had such a fun night! Best Valentines Day by far 🙂


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