Would you still order a “venti” coffee if you knew you had to do this?

Would you still order a "venti" coffee if you knew you had to do this? Paige Schmidt shares a revelation about savoring and enjoying food.

It’s been so fun to share daily eats again with you recently. If you missed them from last week and daily eats are your jam, here’s a quick link to access them.

I’ve so been enjoying eating at our new table and feel happy every time I take a photo there. It’s made eating feel so special. Speaking of making eating feel special…

I have a revelation to share about enjoying food that I hope will inspire you.

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I was talking to a client last week about her trip to Europe. Something she noticed while she was there was how there wasn’t much access to paper coffee cups. They were so much more rare than they are in North America (they’re everywhere here). What she saw was that when Europeans drinks coffee they usually take a break and socialize while doing so, plus, they eat a cookie with their coffee.

When I sent out an email about this last week a few of you Europeans emailed me back (thank you!) and shared that there are paper cups available but that it’s also true that Europeans tend to take more breaks. One type of break I learned that they take is for coffee and cake. How cool is this!? Coffee seems to be more appreciated and savored.

In fact, just the general European lifestyle seems slightly more slow and soaked in. Meaning, it seems that with food, coffee, sweets, etc… everything is a bit more savored. Even with clothing, I have this idea that Europeans appreciate clothing more. Is this true, too?

Anyway… this got me thinking!

Can you imagine, stopping in the middle of your day, going to a coffee shop for 10-15 minutes, grabbing a size that would resemble a tall in the U.S., sipping out of a mug, having a really great cookie, socializing, and going back to your day? I don’t know about you, but this sounds like pure magic.

Even if you were to do this in the office. To take a break, pour coffee in a mug, socialize, have a little something sweet to eat, and then go back to your day. I truly would love to make this a part of each day. Now to get some cookies :-).

Here’s what it got me thinking about… if we knew that we couldn’t get our coffee to go, but rather the tradition would be to go inside the coffee shop, take a 10-15 minute break, socialize, enjoy a cookie, and then head out… would we order sizes like “Venti” and “Trenta”? Or do we only order these sizes because we drink them while doing several other things?

This reflection is NOT meant to cause judgement should you (or I) choose to order a very large drink. However, it is meant to get your wheels spinning and cause you to reflect because my goal is always to push you toward alignment with your body.

Are you ordering this size for pleasure and enjoyment? Or is it more automatic and you’re only doing it to get you through something else, more as a distraction?

In other words, if you had to stop your day for 10-15 minutes, walk inside the coffee shop and drink your coffee out of a mug, could you really enjoy a 32 oz coffee? Or would you be WAY more likely to find enjoyment in a tall (8 oz) coffee?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment to share :-).

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Other than that… I want to wish you a special holiday season. I hope you’re playing all of the holiday music, decorating, eating warm food (and fully enjoying it!) and making plans that will be memorable for you.

Thank you for being here!

Love, Paige

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