Waffles & Peaches

Good afternoon all!

It took me a bit to get here today amidst work, changing my name (!!), switching bills, running to the post office (to mail new Binders!), and making time for the Gym.

Monday Eats


Multigrain waffles with almond butter, greek yogurt, and peaches. Thanks to Cait’s Plate for the inspiration!

Mid-Morning Snack

While Marco was at school I had some yogurt and gluten-free TJ’s granola to hold me over. I wanted to eat lunch with him 🙂


Chicken Club wraps with whole wheat tortillas, bacon, spinach, avocado, tomato, grilled onions, and a little bit of Caesar dressing.


Dinner was leftover Chicken Enchiladas (also inspired by Cait) that I made on Saturday.

Petite Treat


After Dinner I helped Marco Study. All that Anatomy is paying off! Remember when I was in A&P? I helped him study the heart structures and flow last night.

We had fro-yo for a study break. Mine was half-filled with pistachio, tart, kiwis, strawberries, and a sprinkle of granola/yogurt chips. I ate half while at the yogurt shop and the other half later on watching Netflix with my Husband 🙂

Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow :-*

Love, Paige

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Love, Paige

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