Waking Up Early {TIPS + Daily Eats}

Good morning everyone!

So, yesterday @lostintranslatn asked me to post about waking up early tips, so here it is!

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So, first let me start of by talking about how I got started waking up early, and why I would do so at the different stages of my life.

It started in High School when I got really busy. So busy that if I didn’t wake up early, I wouldn’t have been able to work out, and that was really important to me. I had school from 8-12:30, work from 1-6:30, homework at the end of the night, and maybe a tiny squeeze of time I’d get to see a friend or have some time alone before bed. I’d wake up at 5:00 every morning, be to the Gym by 5:30, home by 6:30, make breakfast, get ready, pack my lunch, and be to school by 8. I’d be in go mode all day long.

In College, I switched from working in retail to Nannying – best decision ever. I only worked from 3-6, and for that amount of time, I got paid great. It was awesome. I didn’t have to work weekends either. Having weekends off, enabled me to start going to Church on Sunday for the first time in my life. Literally. This change let my relationship with the Lord to grow immensely, and waking up early became much more of a joy to me. I wanted to wake up early, because I had something to look forward to. A quiet morning of just me and Jesus.

Now being a Working Woman, I have to plan time for myself. It’s no longer about school, or getting to a job on time (I work for myself), it’s about doing what is most important early in the day. Doing the things that can easily get put to the side if you’re not making them a priority. Here are the things that I want to make time for:

  • Quiet time
  • Exercise
  • Packing lunch
  • Getting ready

All 4 of these things could easily get put to the side if I didn’t have my mornings. Although they are important to me, things come up during the day that I might not expect, and time just seems to fly by. Let me tell you about each one:

Quiet time:

  • Quiet time is my time to sip Coffee, read my devotional, read my Bible, journal, reflect on the day, and just be calm and cozy. I light a candle, drink out of my favorite cup, use my favorite pen, cuddle with my favorite blanket, and sit in my favorite spot. It’s a time that I can 100% enjoy. I love this time.


  • My exercise varies. I tend to like change around exercise so that I don’t get bored. What I am enjoying right now is walking first thing in the morning. I wake up at 5:15, put my clothes on, and head to the park to meet my friend Aubrey by 5:45.
  • With Weightlifting, I usually just end up going to the Gym later in the day when Marco goes if I have that time open. If I don’t have that time open (like today) I will also include a Weight routine in the morning.

Packing lunch:

  • This one is not such a big deal these days, because I am usually home for lunch. I did want to include it though, because I know people struggle to find time to take their own food to work. If I know my time is really tight in the morning, I will pack a lunch the night before.

Getting ready:

  • Being a Health Coach, this would be so easy for me to skip. I work from home! Although it might be really comfy to stay in PJ’s all day, I end up doing less when I do that. Getting ready makes me feel prepared for the day, and ready to work. This helps me to do my best, feel my best, and be the most productive. It’s important to me.

Okay, now that I’ve covered all of that, let me talk about my best tips:

  1. Know why you want to wake upMorning Quiet Time
    • What is it that important to you? Write out the list of things that you’re not doing, but that you would like to be doing.
  2. Make sure that your why is more important to you than sleeping in – you have to believe this
    • You’re not going to wake up early to do something you’re dreading. You have to change your mindset.
  3. Set your clothes out the night beforeEarly Morning Tip | Lay Outfit the Night Before
    • This helps make your morning less stressful. If it’s workout clothes that you’re setting out, great! If it’s your outfit for the day, great! Set out what you’re going to wear in the morning. This takes the stress of picking something out away and makes your life easier.
  4. Make sure your environment is clean before you go to bedEarly Morning Tip | Make Sure Your Environment is Clean Before You go to bedEarly Morning Tip | Make Sure Your Environment is Clean Before You go to bedIMG_4976.JPG
    • This is a biggie. Clean up before you go to bed. No one wants to wake up to a messy room, or a sink full of dishes. Talk about something that would make me want to stay in bed!
    • If you’re a Coffee drinker, set your Coffee up the night before. Even set your cup out.
  5. Have things to look forward to in the morning
    • What are things that make you happy? For me, it’s:
      • Walking with a friend and Coffee in hand
      • Having an early breakfast with Marco when I’m home
      • No having to rush
      • Getting to enjoy quiet time to myself
      • Having time to write up a blog post before working
      • Being able to take a shower, put on real clothes, and doing my makeup.
      • Getting to enjoy knowing that I haven’t put myself and my priorities last.

I read a book two Summers ago that was super short, super cheap, and inspiring. It is called What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast, by Laura Vanderkam. This is also a great little book that you can read on your iPad to give you some inspiration. It’s super simple, and only 45 pages.

I hope this is helpful for all of you! Set your alarms for tomorrow morning, and remember the top 5 tips:

  1. Know why you want to wake up
  2. Make sure that your why is more important to you than sleeping in – you have to believe this
  3. Set your clothes out the night before
  4. Make sure your environment is clean before you go to bed
  5. Have things to look forward to in the morning

Here’s my routine in a Nutshell:

  • Night before, in bed by 9:00, asleep by 9:30
  • The morning of, wake at 5:15, turn on my Coffee, put my exercise clothes on, out the door by 5:40
  • 5:45 walk at the park with my good friend Aubrey
  • 6:50 home, breakfast by 7:00, clean up after (this includes washing my dishes, drying them, and putting them away)
  • 7:30-8:00, quiet time
  • 8:00 usual time to write my blog post
  • 8:30 either work, or getting ready
  • If I do work at 8:30, I usually get ready during my lunch hour

Remember, I work at home, and I make my own schedule. Your schedule will look different than mine. Remember, even when I was in High School and I had school/work from 8:00-6:30, I still did the things that were important to me in the morning.

You’re the only one that can change your habits.

If you need support, I am a Health Coach and this is what I do. I’d be happy to schedule a free Consultation with you to see if we feel fit to work with one another. Request a Consultation here: http://www.healthyhitscoaching.com/contact-paige-burton

For those of you that get sad when a post doesn’t include daily eats, here you go 🙂


5:45 Walk

Early Morning Breakfast | Scrambled Eggs With Lavish

7:00 Breakfast! YUM!


  • In a small pan lightly coated with organic butter, slightly saute a handful of spinach, 1/4 of a chopped green bell pepper. Add two eggs on top, and scramble together.
  • In a separate larger pan, heat a small amount of olive oil.
  • Once heated, add in 3/4 piece of lavash bread (the whole thing is a bit too big).
  • Add eggs the the Lavash, fold the bottom in first, and then the two sides.

Early Morning Breakfast | Scrambled Eggs With Lavish

  • Press down with spatula

Early Morning Breakfast | Scrambled Eggs With Lavish

  • Flip, and continue to press

Early Morning Breakfast | Scrambled Eggs With Lavish

In the end, you will get a toasty, delicious, pressed breakfast sandwich/wrap/burrito. Yum!

Morning Quiet Time

7:30 Quiet time

Morning Snack Mix With Nuts and Oranges

10:30 small bowl of trail mix and two cuties

Green Smoothie With Organic Peanut Butter

1:30 Green Smoothie with Organic PB. MMMMMM!

Morning Beach Walk With my Husband

3:30 Walk with Marco at the Beach… Ah, so beautiful!

Mahi Mahi With a Lemon Butter Glaze With Asparagus and Brown Rice.

5:30 dinner was Mahi Mahi with a lemon butter glaze… Mmmmmmmmmmm butta! and sides of asparagus and brown rice.

I did something different with the brown rice, and it was delicious! In my rice cooker, instead of 2 parts water and 1 part rice, I did 2 parts chicken broth and 1 part rice. YUM! It was so creamy and tasteful. I seasoned everything with sea salt, pepper, and lemon. Deeeeelish!

Toasted Lavish With Three Layer Hummus

8:45 I had a craving for Lavasha and hummus as a late night snack, so I super toasted a small piece of Lavash and had it with 3 Layer Hummus. Yummy! Late night snack was eaten at the table, and was super satisfying 🙂

Okay everyone! THAT was a long post! My hands are cramping 😉

I hope you have a wonderful day! I’ll see you back here tomorrow 🙂

Love, Paige

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