Read Paige Schmidt's Story Behind Building Their New Home and Moving to Reno, Nevada


Holy moses.

I’ve been waiting to share this news with you since April 7th of this year.

Do you want the whole story? Because I’m about to give you the whole story…

Last September we drove to Tahoe from San Luis Obispo to attend our friends wedding.

We fell deeply in love with Tahoe and Reno that trip.

From that point, we proceeded to visit Reno multiple times to explore the city and spend time with friends. It took us about seven months but after that, we had our cars and our house packed in a U-haul and were on our way to Reno, officially.

Several days after we moved into our apartment we began to get serious on our house hunt search (with each visit before we moved here, we were looking at homes to get a great idea of what we’d want).

Marcos grandpa was here visiting and we took him to look at some houses we were interested in. While we were there, we were told of an open lot that we could build on…

Two days later when we were at breakfast before Church and I began to talk to Marco. “Babe, that’s a pretty good price for what we’re getting…” Marco proceeded to ask me to NOT talk about it. Too much change at once. Haha. I am like… bring on the change and Marco is like oh my gosh, pump the brakes!

Two days later… my aunt was visiting and we wanted to show her the place. We walked over to look at the model in the neighborhood and while Shelly (my aunt) and I walked through, Marco stayed behind in the sales office.

Before I knew it, he walked into the model house and said to me “They’re having a sales event and we can put down a fully refundable $5,000 down to hold this lot if we want to — they’ll give us a week to make our official decision.”

$5,000? Fully refundable? A week to decide? Sure thing!

We took the week to think about it, get our pre-approval, pray about it, and visit the lot everyday to see how we felt.

It was a go… and on April 13 we officially signed the papers to get our home building process started.

From that point on we’ve visited the house multiple times per week to see the progress. Seeing that house being built has given me so much daily hope and joy.

The entire build process took 7.5 months, which in hindsight was so speedy! I cannot believe this day is finally here!

There were many times where I told myself “I’ll share the build on Instagram this weekend!” and though I thought a time would come where I felt the go-ahead to do that… the go-ahead feeling never came.

Marco and I, together, decided to keep this building/buying process totally private and to ourselves until it was finished.

Looking back, part of me wanted to share the whole process with you (because it WAS so fun to see) as it went on and the other part of me is glad it was just he and I going through it, privately. There were pro’s and con’s both ways… but ultimately we felt it was the right decision to keep it as a private thing for us to enjoy and I am so beyond excited to get to share it with you today!

We’re getting the keys to our house TODAY and are moving in. We have a whole bunch of installers coming over for our appliances, sound system, TV, blinds, couch, dining room (so many people!) tomorrow… my aunt is here helping us move, set-up, and decorate and you can be SURE that I’ll be sharing every step with you on Insta as we go.

I cannot WAIT to decorate, to ask for your opinions (silly I know — but I just can’t wait to share this with you!) and for ABBY GIRL to have a backyard to run around in!

You guys… I cannot WAIT to share our home with you. Come on over to Insta @paigeschmidt and hangout now and jump into my stories — I’ll be sharing the finished home over there!

Thank you for celebrating with us! This day has been LONG anticipated!

Love, Paige

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