We Found A House In SLO!

So, remember when I had said we’d been accepted and found a place? Well, we happened to find a better place this weekend while traveling to SLO! We couldn’t be happier with it.

It’s a little two-bedroom house near downtown San Luis Obispo. It has a garage, washer and dryer hook-ups, and the cutest charm. It has the original hardwood floors, windows all around, and the best part: it’s not an apartment. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved our apartments so far, but we’re so excited to have a little house! 

Our move-in date is somewhere in the next 2-3 weeks – we’ve signed and it’s ours 🙂

Our trip this weekend was so nice! Marco’s grandparents and my Mom came with us. We all stayed at the Apple Farm, ate great food, and talked a lot. I really am going to miss having them so close-by.

The whole weekend was actually pretty great. Saturday was coffee with my girlfriend Jade, my last day of the Soul Keeping Group, and a lunch/shopping date with my friends Angela & Kelsey.

urbane cafe salad

I ordered an Urbane Cafe Salad as usual.

mountain brook

Early Sunday morning Mom & I drove up to SLO to go to Church. Marco came up with his Grandparents so he could get some sleep before house-hunting.

slo mountains

I still can’t get over the views from the windows of this Church.

avila beach see-through tables

After Church we looked at houses and then went to lunch at the end of Avila Beach Pier. Did you take a guess on Instagram? Yep! This was the ocean through our table 🙂 I had gone here once when I was about 7 years old and have always wanted to go back.

avila beach clam chowder

We ate so much good food this weekend. I didn’t get pictures of all of it. Clam Chowder, lots of salads full of color, coffee, turkey burger, fries, eggs/bacon, a biscuit… and actually, I think that covers it! A good mix of light/heavier. We walked a lot, saw all of town, and seriously… just had such a good time visiting.

Today is all work for me. Plus laundry and grocery shopping 🙂

I’ll see you back here tomorrow with today’s daily eats! Enjoy your day’s girls!

Does anyone have a video request for my Newsletter this Friday? I’ve had people asking for another video in my Newsletter 🙂 

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