We Got Accepted!

I just got the call, and we have been approved for the apartment! That means today I’ll take over half the deposit to hold the place, and around June 15th we will get to see it all refinished and make our final decision. Ah, so many exciting things going on!

Note to self: patience is a virtue 🙂

It’s so hard to be patient when you’re SO excited for things that are coming up!

I’ve got many things to look forward to:

  • Doing Wedding invites tomorrow
  • Three Clients visiting Ventura this month
  • Bridal Shower on the 31st
  • Vacation (hopefully) over Memorial Day weekend
  • Apartment viewing mid June
  • Bachelorette Party June 28
  • Moving in the first weekend of July if it all works out
  • Last dress fitting
  • Rehersal Dinner
  • Aug 1. is the Wedding!
  • Honeymoon!


Okay, okay! Daily eats 😉


Yesterday for breakfast I had eggs & homemade french toast on Dave’s Killer Seed Bread. Yum!


Around 11:30 I had a snack of crackers, cheese, & turkey. I’ve been having a little bit of dairy again and have been doing fine as long as I enjoy it in moderation. No breakouts or PMS yet 😉


Around 3:00, I split a turkey bagel sandwich with Marco. We each had half of an open faced sandwich. This was perfect to carry me over through my workout and into dinner around 5:30.


While waiting for dinner, I had 1 dried mango slice…


And for dinner, salmon fish tacos! Yum! My dad also made this sweet potato shredded fry thingy… honestly… we have NO idea what to call it, but I had a little bit and it was delicious!


Marco & I each had one more fish taco. So, 3 total 🙂


A few hours later, I wanted something sweet but didn’t feel like anything heavy. So, I made a Green Smoothie packed with blueberries, had half, and saved half for the next morning (which I drank for breakfast today).

Alrighty! Enjoy your weekend everyone! I’m off to drop off my deposit & visit two little munchkins that I used to babysit. I miss my kids!

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