We Made A Decision

So, we made a decision (for now) on the apartment (click to catch up on yesterdays post if you didn’t see it)! Yep, that was pretty quick. Well, yesterday when Marco woke up he called the manager and asked if he would take down those hideous mirrors that went from the floor to ceiling. The managers response was “I was thinking about that all last night after you guys left. I will take them down.” YES!

So, now we are pretty excited about what it could look like. He said there will be clean (maybe even new) carpet, bright rooms when the windows are open, and everything will be stripped and repainted. The awesome part is that he seems to have really liked us, and said he will redo the entire apartment before we make a final decision. So, mid June we will be headed back over there to take a look at the “after” apartment and will make our final decision. We’re excited!

We’re taking our applications over today, so I’ll keep you all updated on the process.

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Yesterday morning I woke up with the sun at at 6:15… whoops! I did that all last week too. Still had my quiet time & got to the Gym, but definitely slept through my alarm for the last 7 days or so… Guess I needed the rest, huh?


I started off my day with breakfast around 8:30. Of course, my favorite, eggs & toast. The heels of sourdough are the best part!


I waited for my hunger to come around noon, but it just never came. So, instead I made myself a nice latte, and around 2:30 had this bowl of cantaloupe. My body was less hungry yesterday, so I went with it.

photo 2

For dinner, I had two fish tacos from Spencer McKenzies in Ventura. We went with my parents. Ah, we love this place! Especially before 5:00pm when you get two fish taco’s for the price of one 🙂

After tacos we drove up the hill to show my parents the place we want to live — the less expensive, great location one. They really liked it! Of course, they didn’t see inside, but we will save that showing until after it’s fixed up 😉

photo 3

To end the day of eating, I had a little bit of gelato. After my petite treat Marco & I rode our bikes to the pool. We swam for a while, and raced each other in laps. I think I did pretty good if I do say so myself! 😉

photo 5

Today, I leave you with this great little square of wisdom that I came across on instagram. Listen to that still voice inside of you. It’s your intuition peaking through, and wants you to feel more loved than you’ve ever imagined. 

PS. Group Program starts in two weeks! Email me if you’re interested in going through the same cleanse I went through to get un-addicted from all kinds of foods I felt “I had no control around.”

Love, Paige

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