The Pressure to Diet Down Before Your Wedding Day

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Several weeks back I had the honor of being on the Get Wed Podcast (Podcast #007) hosted by Katie & Kerrie, two professional wedding photographers from the UK. Katie & Kerrie found my blog after seeing my post over on Jamie Hyatt’s blog (another amazing wedding photographer!) and resonating with what I had to share.

You can see the post I did for Jamie here: HOW TO FEEL AMAZING ON YOUR WEDDING DAY WITHOUT DIETING

We talked for an hour about creating healthy habits and dealing with the pressure to change your body in the days leading up to your wedding day.

Katie & Kerrie think that the pressure to diet for brides-to-be is insane, and so do I. I felt it before my own wedding day, too, as I’m sure many of you have (or currently are) as well.

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In this episode I shared my advice around creating a positive body image over going on crash diets, because there are definitely more fun things to focus on in life (& before your wedding day) than dieting.

We covered topics like:

  • How the way we see ourselves isn’t the way everyone else sees us!
  • Getting over ‘photo phobia’!
  • What exactly is intuitive eating?
  • Why we think there is so much pressure put onto women ahead of their wedding days
  • What you should focus on instead of dieting

I hope you leave this episode with a more positive outlook on yourself and a healthier outlook on taking care of yourself without diets.

For those of you who aren’t planning a wedding, but are interested in a better body image, I think you’d still enjoy this episode as the three of us girls really dove into the pressure that we women feel to be thin as women, and what we can feel with simple mindset shifts instead.

Check it out HERE (#007)!

Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

P.S. Marco and I are traveling home from Colorado. Did you see what we got?! Come check it out on Instagram @healthyhitsthespot and follow our travels on Snapchat @healthyhitsspot (no “the”)

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