Wedding Day!

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! Today is such a great day because my friend Rachel is getting married!!


Last night, I went out and entertained myself by shopping. I deserved a couple new things 😉

After shopping, I ran home to get this LARABAR, and then ran back out to return the Green Dress that I bought before. I found a new one that I LOVE! I told myself I could have ONE or the other. Back the green one goes!


When I came home I was a little bit hungry but didn’t want anything big because I was going to bed. I had a cup of hot dark chocolate almond milk, and this little bowl of apple sauce and cinnamon 🙂


This morning I woke up and had quiet time with Aubrey, and helped her get everything together for the wedding. She is in the wedding today, so she has to be there super early to help setup! I don’t have to go until about 2:30


Tyeson (Aubrey’s son) is hanging out with me today! We are watching movies and being cozy this morning!


Daiz is pretty cozy too 🙂


I am having such a good morning! I love waking up in my cozy house with the rain outside (except we DO need the rain to stop for the wedding- ah!!)

We are going to get ready and go out in just a bit! Keep ourselves entertained and moving around 🙂

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