Wedding Dress Shoppin’

Yea, not for me! For my friend Aubrey! We were out all day and had a great time together.

Phew am I feeling better today! What a good feeling!


This morning after I my San Diego blog post, I got ready and made myself some Oatmeal

I had instant maple oats with almond milk, and half a banana… with a few white chocolate chips and almonds on top. This was the perfect thing to fill me up before lunch around 1:30 ish…


For lunch, Sarah, Aubrey and I went tot this cute place in Camarillo called The Panini Place

I got a Portobello Mushroom Sandwich with a side of fruit. This sandwich was PERFECT. The bread was super thin, and the amount of food filled me up just right.


Isn’t this a pretty fruit cup?

After lunch, we went to the Oaks Mall, and went shopping some more. We had luck here!! We both found dresses!


She found her wedding dress (most likely) and I found a dress to wear to another friends wedding this March. Cute right? I love the color!


While we were shopping around, the girls wanted to stop & get Cinnabon. They split a Cinnamon Roll, and I got my Coffee Bean Soy Vanilla Latte with 1/2 the powder. I’m definitely not a Cinnamon/Donut person… A Latte is more my craving (or give me my Mom’s Oatmeal Cookies!!!)


After that we shopped around a while more, went downtown Ventura, and then came home.

When I got home my Mom had breakfast for dinner waiting for me! Oh my goodness! She hasn’t made biscuits and gravy in forever!!! I had two biscuits with gravy, and two eggs. SO good! My Moms biscuits don’t compare to anyyywhere else!

IMG_8299.jpg IMG_8301.jpg

My Brother & his Wife (my Seester Jinna) sent these flowers to my Daddy. Look how cute!

Today was such a better day than yesterday! Man I hate being sick! I am missing San Diego sooo much! I can’t wait until August! The move is getting closer and closer, and it’s pretty much a for sure thing now! Can you guys believe it?! My first time moving out! I am sooo excited!!!

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