Wedding + Shopping List

Good afternoon everyone! I’m back! Man, I missed you guys! I love this blog πŸ™‚

I had such a fun time in Laughlin! Saturday we went to the wedding, Sunday we went to breakfast, watched football, napped, lazied around, walked through the casinos and toured around, and then had delicious Mexican Food for dinner.

I must inform you all, sorry if you hate me, but I did not stick to the No Grains, Sugar, Cheese Cleanse while in Laughlin. On the good side, I felt I listened very well to my body, and stopped when I was full, ate when hungry, etc. So I still feel like I made good choices πŸ™‚

Here are some photo’s from the wedding!


Marco + I

{Photobomb #1- Dad}


Wedding Party


Megan + I


Bride, Dad, + Brides Sister Stephanie


Dad, Mom, Me, + Marco


Cousin Bella + myself dancing away!


Marco, Me, + Megan {Photobomb #500- others not posted haha}


Me being a goofball! Marco would have been in this picture, but he was blinking majorly!

That’s a wrap! I don’t have any other pictures than the ones of the wedding, and if you’re friends with me on FB, you probably saw a ton! These are just a few to show you our time there πŸ™‚

Now for today- Back to the CLEANSE, and feeling great!

Today was sooo productive! I feel soooo good!

Woke up- 5:15

Gym- 5:45-6:30 (30 min cardio + 15 min Abs & Stretching) —> Yesterday was a 3 mile fast walk + floor exercises —> tomorrow, cardio + weights!

Babysat- 6:45-8

8 through 12- bank, laundry, unpack, clean room, shower, get ready, send letters, grocery shop, etc..

Now I am babysitting again until 4, then again from 6-7:30!

Good day- I love productivity! πŸ™‚


Pre-Breakfast: I wasn’t too hungry after the gym, so I had a probiotic smoothie just to coat my tummy while I got through the morning


Breakfast: Around 10am I got hungry, so I sauteΓ©d onions, bell peppers, olives, and quinoa in a pan, then added some eggs and scrambled it all together. On top I put salsa + sliced cherry tomatoes. It was delish!


Lunch: Oh my! Lunch was my favorite! Something I’ve never had before!

Lentils mixed with tabouli + brushcetta


+ organic carrots & hummus on the side


One of the little girls I babysit eats the lentils + bruschetta all the time, so I wanted to try it! Soooo good with the added tabouli!


This is what the packaging for the tabouli looks like…

Oh no! I just looked at the ingredient and I feel suppppppper dumb haha! It has bulgar wheat! That is definitely a grain… whoops! Maybe skip the tabuli… I’m going to finish this container since I just paid for it, but after that I’ll be done πŸ˜‰ You know what I’ll try? Looking up a quinoa substitute recipe for tabouli. I bet they would have it!


The bruchscetta packaging


You can eat the lentils cold (already cooked)


The Three Layer Hummus


So, I got tons of goodies today! Here is my Trader Joes list:

Frozen Foods

Asian Veggie Stir-Fry



0% Plain Greek Yogurt

Yellow Squash

Organic Carrots

Organic Broccoli

Organic Broccoli Slaw

Three Layer Hummus

Tabouli (whoops!)


Sprouted Tofu

Jalapeno Chicken Sausage Links


Black Beans

Split Pea Soup


Larabars (Peanut Butter Cookie)

Sea Salt






Of course, we have even more than that at home, but that’s what I stocked up on today! Hope you are all enjoying the cleanse! I’m glad to be back on it πŸ™‚

PS, if you do something like I did, like buy Tabouli on accident… Just finish it up if no one else will, and don’t buy it again. Don’t stress on anything. This is all for your enjoyment, and adding stress to yourself won’t help πŸ™‚

Picture 1

Love, Paige

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