Wedding Tidbit’s: Being a Bridesmaid

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Today I am sharing the last requested post of my “Wedding Tidbit’s” series. Being a Bridesmaid!

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Enjoy this last tidbit on being a Bridesmaid šŸ™‚

Tip’s for Bridesmaids

Offer to help the Bride

Help make the planning fun for her

Call and check-in if you live far away

Make sure things are getting planned: Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party

Have everyones email and stay in touch

On her big day, be so silly, and help her to feelĀ comfortableĀ 

Consider itĀ such an honor that she asked you to be in her Wedding (it really is a big deal)

Be flexibleĀ 

Understand that planning isĀ muchĀ more stressful for the Bride than it is for you

Remember that one day your girls will be there for you

HaveĀ so much fun!Ā It goes by so fast!

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Tips for the Bride

Be nice to your Bridesmaid’s — they want to help you

Keep them informed and updated withĀ currentĀ events

Let them know what you want help with (communicate expectations)

Understand that it’sĀ expensiveĀ for them

Make them a special gift (hopefully that they can use again)

Let them know how much you care for them

HaveĀ funĀ with them!

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I adored each one of my Bridesmaids. I wanted them to haveĀ funĀ and enjoy my big day with me, so I didn’t overwhelm them with tasks. At the same time, when I needed help I wasn’t afraid to ask for help.

Enjoy your day! I’ll be here tomorrow with another post of our mini-vacations to SLO šŸ™‚


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