Wedding Tidbits: Tips I Was Given About Marriage

For one of the Wedding Posts, I was asked to share my tips on Marriage.

Since I’m such a newlywed, I’m going to share with you my favorite tips that I’ve been given (each line is from one person).

I don’t want to steal the light from the wise women 🙂

Always Make Time For Each other & Give 100% Attention, Even If It’s Just For Five Minutes A Day

Always Be Willing To Compromise, Learn When To Be Silent And Learn To Listen Well 

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Initiate Sex, Don’t Wait For Him

Have A Good Sense Of Humor And Make One Another The Most Trusted People You Know

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Surround Yourself With Women Who Will Encourage You And Not Fan The Flame, Have Fun, Don’t Settle For Routine

Remember When A Problem Arises, Put “The Problem” On The Coffee Table And Sit On The Couch. That Way, You’re On The Same Side When “Solving” The Problem.

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Don’t Ever Get Bitter, Ever

Respect Your Husband, He Needs That More Than Anything

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Remember, He Is Your Best Friend & Never Lose Your Fun, Spontaneous Side

Always Be Ready To Extend Grace

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Always Remember Marriage Is Not Exactly 50/50, Ever

Be Kind To Each other, Pray Always, Have Faith In Your Future

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And just a little note from me to you in my 3 weeks of marriage… I am constantly asking God to teach me who I am as a wife and to search and cleanse me of any stubborn areas I have within me (there are a lot!). Stubbornness truly doesn’t make anything better and it’s so much more freeing to just let it go. 

Lunch Skype Date

And to end… remember when I had a type-Skype Date before? Well, I’m doing it again! Put it in your Calendar.

It’s a one hour lunch date VIA Skype with me.

All you need to do is sign into Skype at 12:00 PDT on Friday, September 5th and start a new chat with me (Skype: healthyhitsthespot). I have found that it’s a great way to connect with my readers on a more personal level. It’s a time where I can answer your questions around Health Coaching, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and just hangout and talk. If you read HHS continually, I would love if you’d just sign in and introduce yourself!

My mission behind Healthy Hits the Spot is to create relationship with my readers.

I genuinely love getting to know you more. So, mark your Calendars. This is our second Skype Sesh!

This is not a group chat – this is a one-on-one type-Skype (no video) with me. 

P.S. the bits of marriage advice are from notecards guests wrote at my Bridal Shower — such a good idea if you want to include this in your Wedding Plans! So encouraging 🙂

All photos are from Driver Photo.

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