Weekday Eats: Great Food + Great Friends

This was a great week. Lots of work. Lots of time with friends. And lots of good-life-stuff. Good news. Blessings. And gratitude. Thankful!

Now time for daily eats!

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).

If you want to apply what you’re learning here in these posts and become an intuitive eater as well, come join me in The Growth Vault (click here). I would love to coach you!


Daily Eats | Scrambled eggs with toasted sourdough from Trader Joe's.

Monday morning started out with eggs & toast and a few hours of early morning work where I uploaded a new training to The Growth Vault called Making Choices For Your Future Self. Such a good one!

Daily Eats | in-N-Out burgers and fries for lunch in Reno, Nevada.

Mid-day Marco and I ran errands and stopped at In-N-Out for lunch. Yum! This was a craving. When we got home I did a bit more work, we walked Abby and visited with friends.

Daily Eats | Burritos and hard tacos from Del Taco made with Beyond Meat

For dinner, we planned to make dinner at home but then we went over to feed a friends cat and while we were out we saw that Del Taco was serving Beyond Meat. Have heard of it? We wanted to try it, so we got tacos and burritos. It was good! I ordered too much though, so gave half of this to M and he saved some of his for the next day.


Daily Eats | Eggs on a slice of Trader Joe's sourdough for a simple breakfast

Tuesday through Thursday I met with clients all day, each day. So the mornings were focused on work (emails, working in The Growth Vault, and sharing with all of you!). Breakfast was two eggs on a slice of sourdough.

Daily Eats | Simple afternoon snack idea made with Trader Joe's ingredients. Hummus, tzatsiki and olives.

Since we ate out Monday night, I didn’t have leftovers for lunch on Tuesday. So instead of a full meal, I snacked on this pita, hummus, tzatziki and olives. Yum!

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Bar Caramel with Black Sea Salt

I also nibbled on a few squares of this dark chocolate with caramel and sea-salt. Yum!

A glass of wine waiting for me at our friends' after I got off work.

When I got off work I called Marco to see if he wanted to go visit friends and turns out, he was already there holding their baby. Haha! I went over and a glass of wine was waiting for me. So nice!

Daily Eats | Salmon, quinoa, and arugula salad with wine.

They also made us dinner – sooo good. Salmon, quinoa, and salad. So good. So good-feeling. So filling. I just had one glass of wine.


Daily Eats | GoMarco's everlasting joy bar for an on-the-go healthy breakfast.

Wednesday morning started off with a GoMacro bar on our way to an appointment for Marco.

Daily Eats | Scrambled eggs with Trader Joe's Sourdough toast.

After the appointment we came home and had eggs (over-medium and chopped up) and toast.

Daily Eats | Daily Harvest's Mint and Cocaco Smoothie

Again, I didn’t have leftovers to eat for lunch (what I normally do) so I had snacks through the day to give me energy for my client sessions. First snack: a Daily Harvest smoothie (mint + cocaco). So good! Use this link and get 3 free!

Daily Eats | Simple afternoon snack idea made with Trader Joe's ingredients. Hummus, tzatsiki and olives.

A little while later I had pita with hummus, tzatziki and olives. Oh, and a pickle spear. Ha! Super good, simple and easy.

Daily Eats | Black coffee and Trader Joe's chocolate chip dunker

And then before my last session I had a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip dunker to keep me going.

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's tortilla chips and chunky salsa

When I got off work my uncle was here to visit. I got out chips and salsa to share while I cooked and I nibbled on these.

Daily Eats | Simple and Healthy Dinner Recipe. Brown rice pasta with grilled onion, red bell pepper, red sauce and veggie sausages. On top we added nutritional yeast.

For dinner I made brown rice pasta with grilled onion, red bell pepper, red sauce and veggie sausages. On top we added nutritional yeast. Super good! I had a “Common Cider” over ice to go with it. My cousin and friend came to join us and after we ate, we went in the jacuzzi for a bit. Good evening!


Daily Eats | Eggs with Trader Joe's sourdough and Kerrygold butter

Thursday morning started off with early work, the gym, breakfast (two eggs and sourdough) and a walk with Abby. Then I hopped straight into client sessions for the day by 10:30 and worked on through.

Daily Eats | Sliced avocado with sea-salt

Mid-morning I ate half an avocado to give me energy. So good! Just sprinkled sea-salt over the top, sliced it and ate with a spoon.

Daily Eats |  Brown rice pasta with topped with Trader Joe's nutritional yeast and avocado

For lunch I had leftover pasta and added half an avo to the top since there wasn’t much left.

Daily Eats | Black coffee and GoMacro's Everlasting Joy bar for a mid-day refuel snack

Mid-day I refueled with a black coffee and GoMacro bar between clients, while I answered emails and sent follow-up session notes.

Daily Eats | Summer backyard BBQ with steak, with asparagus and baked beans.

When I got off work our friend Shane was here with his son Brayden and he made us dinner. What a champ! Home with the baby for the day and still came to make us dinner. Haha!

We had GREAT steak with asparagus (that Marco grilled!) and baked beans. Marco is not the cook around here, so the fact that he grilled asparagus was a big deal. Haha! He said it means he deserves an outdoor kitchen. Lol. He wants one! I think we need to see him cooking more before that happens 😉

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's Pistachio Gelato.

To end the night we watched a movie and I nibbled on the last 1/4 of this Gelato I bought a while back. So good! From Trader Joe’s. I also cooked curry (to make ahead of time and have for the weekend) while we relaxed.

That’s it for this weeks eats! I’ll be back Monday with weekend eats. I hope you’re enjoying these posts!

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