Weekday Eats: Mostly Vegetarian

Good-morning and happy Friday, all!

I’m so happy it’s the weekend – sky is blue, schedule is clear, and there is much unplugging to be had. You too?

I’m here with eats from this week for ya! It’s been a GREAT week.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).

If you want to apply what you’re learning here in these posts and become an intuitive eater as well, come join me in The Growth Vault (click here). I would love to coach you!


Daily Eats | GoMacro's everlasting joy bar with coffee with I worked in the morning.

Monday morning started out with coffee and a GoMacro bar while I worked.

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's lowfat yogurt, wild berry smoothie while I cooked breakfast.

After a few hours of work, I got hungry again and had half of this smoothie while cooking breakfast (more like lunch) for Marco and I.

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's protein pancakes with syrup. Super filling!

I whipped up the last of the protein pancakes we had in the pantry because we were completely out of food. These were yummy! Got them at TJ’s and they’re SUPER filling.

After lunch, I worked a couple more hours and then we headed out the door to run errands: Target, Petco, and Trader Joe’s. Before errands, I nibbled on a few leftover raviolis (seriously, empty fridge).

When we finished at TJ’s Marco and I split an Italian wrap (from TJ’s) on the drive home. Yum! So good.

Daily Eats | DIY Dirty Martini with olives.

For dinner, I made black bean and corn enchilada’s. Recipe from my friend Jen Luce. Yum! So good – and 100x better on day two. While cooking, I *tried* to make a dirty martini but it was TOO strong. Couldn’t drink it. Ha!

Vegetarian Eats | Black bean and corn enchilada's with Tapatio on top. Read the recipe here!

Next time I make these I will make them a day ahead because they were *so* much tastier on day two.

Ingredients –

  • super soft Mission white tortillas
  • three cheese blend (one bag)
  • a large can of La Victoria green enchilada sauce
  • one bag of frozen, roasted corn (TJ’s)
  • one can of black beans, drained
  • one white onion
  • green onions

The way to cook ’em:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350
  2. Chop the onion and cook it about halfway in a pan
  3. Add the beans (drained) and corn. Let that all cook until warm
  4. Add this mix to a giant bowl, add about half the bag of cheese
  5. Coat a large glass casserole dish with non-stick oil
  6. Drizzle a little bit of green enchilada sauce in the bottom
  7. Coat each tortilla with green sauce, stuff with the black bean, corn, onion, cheese mix, roll, and stack side by side in the dish
  8. Once you’ve filled the dish, cover the top with cheese and stick in the oven until the top is golden
  9. Sprinkle chopped green onion over the top once it’s done
  10. Let it cool, stick it in the fridge overnight, eat it the next day. YUM!


Daily Eats | GoMarco's everlasting joy bar and coffee before starting work

Tuesday morning started off with work and a GoMacro bar. After work, I went with my friend Shan to Hub coffee (got a cappuccino) and her baby’s first shots appointment. Such a sweetie – he did so good!

Daily Eats | scrambled eggs, tofu scramble, tater-tots, and breakfast sausage from Whole Foods' breakfast bar

After the appointment we stopped at Whole Foods to get their breakfast bar. I didn’t even know they had this! I got eggs, tofu scramble, a few tater-tots, and a couple pieces of breakfast sausage.

Vegetarian Eats | Black bean and corn enchilada's with Tapatio on top

For lunch Marco and I had leftover enchilada’s with Tapatio on top. Mmm! So good.

Vegetarian Eats | Black bean and corn enchilada's with Tapatio on top

So good that instead of making dinner we just ate the same thing again! Tuesday night friends came over to help me hang our new bedroom ceiling fan. We all hung out in the room with baby Bray while we did this. Feels like fam!


Daily Eats | Eggs with sourdough toast and coffee. Always my favorite!

Wednesday morning we had eggs and toast for breakfast. Two eggs, over-medium, with sourdough toast. Mmm! Always my favorite.

Vegetarian Eats | Miso ginger broth, Daily Harvest's cauliflower + leek  soup, and vegetable gyoza.

For lunch I made us yummy soup with two containers of miso ginger broth, one cauliflower + leek Daily Harvest cup, and the whole bag of vegetable gyoza. Yummmmm! I just boiled all of this together.

Daily Eats | Snack of pita, tzatziki, hummus, and olives while dinner cooked.

While it was all boiling, I had a snack of pita, tzatziki, hummus, and olives. Soooo good.

Vegetarian Eats | Goyza Soup with a spoonful of chili paste.

The soup turned out DELICIOUS. We ate mostly vegetarian this week, mainly because I just wasn’t feeling meat when I went shopping. Oh, and in the soup we added a spoonful of chili paste. It was so good and heart-warming.

Vegetarian Eats | Soyrizo and potato taco with salsa verde

Around 5:00 I had two of these soyrizo and potato taco’s. Something I’d made earlier in the day while I was cooking the soup, just to have in the fridge.

We kept this meal small because we were planning to eat with friends at 8:30. We ended up bailing and staying home instead, so I had another taco later on in the evening.

It was pretty great. I said to Marco “wanna pretend like we have hangovers, climb in bed, and watch movies for the rest of the night?” He was on board. So feel-good hangovers, we did! Haha.

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's dark chocolate squares for dessert.

I topped the night off with four squares of dark chocolate. Yum!


Daily Eats | Trader Joe's chips and salsa while I waited for breakfast to cook.
Daily Eats | Scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee for breakfast after a gym session.

Thursday morning started off with an early gym session and then coming home to eggs, toast, and coffee. I had the above chips and salsa while I cooked (craving!). After breakfast I showered, got ready, and started work.

Vegetarian Eats | Goyza Soup with a spoonful of chili paste.

Lunch was leftover gyoza soup. Yum! I could eat this all the time. So darn good. If you’ve never had it, make it! This was also inspired by my friend Jen!

Daily Eats | Mid-afternoon snack of coffee and a chocolate dunker from Trader Joe's

Mid-afternoon while I was working I refilled my coffee and had a chocolate dunker with it. Yum! Hit the sweet spot.

Vegetarian Eats | Soyrizo and potato taco with salsa verde

At about 3:00 I needed a little something, but not a full meal. So I heated up one soyrizo and potato taco. I love having these easily accessible. So good!

Snapped a photo of sweet Abby sleeping mid-day. Her life is GOOD. Haha!

Snapped a photo of sweet Abby sleeping mid-day. Her life is GOOD. Haha!

Daily Eats | Ordered in pizza and wing night with friends.

Thursday night our friends came over, brought drinks, and we ordered pizza and wings. The backyard was being worked on (just grass left to do now!) and so we all chilled inside, listed to music, and had a blast.

I had two slices of pizza and a few wings throughout the night, with ranch. Yum! To drink, I had Tito’s vodka and grapefruit juice from TJ’s. The grapefruit juice HAS TO come from TJ’s for me. It’s my fav one.

This is by far my favorite drink! Half your cup with ice, 2 oz of Tito’s, and the rest grapefruit juice. Yum!

I hope you have an AWESOME weekend! Happy Memorial Day! I’ll be back Monday with weekend eats. See you soon!

And don’t forget, doors to The Growth Vault are open if YOU want to create an awesome relationship with food as well. I’d love to help you!

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