Weekend Eats: Celebrating The Growth Vault (I have the best friends!)

This weekend was SO special. On Friday, I launched The Growth Vault, as many of you know. My newest intuitive eating monthly coaching program. I woke up to texts from friends saying “happy launch day!”

In the afternoon my friends Shannon and Nichole text me to say “We want to get you dinner to celebrate!” I went over to Shannon’s house that evening to have pizza with them and they’d invited a whole bunch of friends to celebrate.

Seriously. It’s hard to put into words just how much that support means to me. It makes me feel SO surrounded by community. Community that feels like family. I couldn’t ask for anything more. So grateful!

Today, I’m sharing eats with you from the weekend 🙂

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).

If you want to apply what you’re learning here in these posts and become an intuitive eater as well, come join me in The Growth Vault (click here). I would love to coach you!


Easy, at-home breakfast of Trader Joe's sourdough toast and scrambled eggs.

Friday morning started off with HOURS of finalizing The Growth Vault, getting new members set up and ready to go, and sharing with you all on Instagram. I managed to squeeze in breakfast with Marco (sourdough and eggs).

Celebrating the launch of The Growth Vault! An incredibly rewarding and emotional launch for me.

Launching this program has been so rewarding and emotional for me. 1) Because I know what a difference it will make for you and 2) It’s been SUCH a long time coming. I’ve had it on my heart to add another coaching avenue for a while, that would make it possible for MORE women to get this support in their lives.

For years, I contemplated WHAT that would look like. In January, I finally got the vision for The Growth Vault and that very same day I sent emails that caused everything to get rolling. There were many hands in this project helping me. Friends, designers, writers, my assistant, etc… So much support to make this happen.

Chilled pasta salad with olive oil and garlic noodles with chives, tomatoes, chicken, and cucumber slices.

For lunch I took a break and had cold pasta salad (the way I prefer it!) which was leftover from dinners last week.

For dinner I had two slices of pizza over at my friend Shan’s house as they SO SUPER SWEETLY celebrated me and this launch. THANK YOU friends. I feel so lucky.


Simple, at-home Saturday brunch | Eggs and corn tortillas with cheese, chives, and salsa.

Saturday morning started off with coffee and hours of hanging out with my friend Shan and her baby boy, Brayden. Marco and I got home around 11:30 and made a late breakfast of eggs and corn tortillas with cheese, chives and salsa. Easy! Delicious!

Martini with olives at Happy Hour at Bistro Napa at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada.

For dinner, we went out to Bistro Napa at the Atlantis Casino. A restaurant here in Reno that has THE BEST HAPPY HOUR EVER. Hands down. ALL of the food is incredible. The drinks are AMAZING. Everything is half off.

Pulled pork "Bao Buns" at Happy Hour at Bistro Napa at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada.

I took a few photos of the appetizers we got. We all shared and I had enough to feel perfectly filled up. Comfortable. So satisfied. We had things like: clams, truffle fries, ribs, salad, flatbread pizza (chicken, garlic, veggies), and these incredible pulled pork “Bao Buns.” Oh my gosh. SOOO good.

Ahi tacos at Happy Hour at Bistro Napa at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada.

Oh, and these ahi tacos. I love happy hour and trying so many fun foods. Bistro Napa is THE best. Their happy hour is everyday 4-6, as of writing this post. You must get there by 3:30/3:40 to get a spot in the first hour. If you’re visiting or you live here, this is a MUST!

"Go get your pajamas on!" Our Abby pup in her pj's too over the weekend.

After dinner we came home, got cozy and watched a movie. Marco said to me “go get your pajamas on!” He knows I won’t relax until I’m in comfy clothes (ha!). So I came back downstairs with Abby in PJ’s too 😉 She was not a fan. Haha! But she looks so model-esk, right?! LOL.


Cozy Sunday morning with coffee and a little work from my home office

Sunday morning started off with coffee and writing to all of you. If you receive my emails, you got one yesterday sharing encouragement around your intuitive eating journey and an invitation to join The Growth Vault.

Trader Joe's drinkable yogurt and wild berry smoothie with live & active cultures.

After some morning writing I needed something in my stomach and we’re SO low on groceries (going this morning) so I had a drinkable smoothie.

Breakfast burritos with carne aside, rice, beans, and eggs in Reno, Nevada.

We went for breakfast burritos around noon (we’ve been late breakfast eaters this weekend – it’s been so nice, slow, and relaxing!). I got carne aside, rice, beans, and eggs. Yum! I didn’t finish all of it because I felt full about 3/4 of the way through.

I created an audio this morning in The Growth Vault on the difference between our BRAINS thoughts and the signals of our INTUITION and *how* to listen to your intuition (which voice that is) when you’re eating. Pretty fascinating stuff!

If you’d like to listen, hop on it! It’s instantly accessible and you can even join month to month 🙂

"Clean out the fridge" salad | Iceberg lettuce, spinach, olives, blue cheese crumbles, and ranch dressing.

For dinner, we had super random things from the fridge. I made myself a salad to start with iceberg, spinach, olives, blue cheese crumbles, and ranch dressing. It was actually super yummy! I was surprised because it felt SO random.

Garlic and olive oil noodles with goat cheese and sun-dried tomato raviolis, topped with roasted broccoli.

For the main dish we had leftover olive oil and garlic noodles mixed with some goat cheese and sun-dried tomato raviolis, topped with roasted broccoli. So random! It was good. I ate half and saved the rest for leftovers.

That’s it! That was my weekend. It was a great one and I am feeling very refreshed. Ready to dive into this week and am SO happy that summer weather is approaching.

Our backyard is almost done. I give it another 1.5 weeks. Then we’ll be off to order furniture and begin our summer BBQ’s back there. Cannot. Wait!

I’ll be back here Friday with all of my eats from this week 🙂

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