Weekend Eats: Combo of Food, Exercise, and Joys


I have another much-loved Monday morning “Weekend Eats” post for you today! All the flavors (of both food and life) I enjoyed this weekend. We’ll start with Friday and move through Sunday.


Peaches and Yogurt on Waffles

Friday morning started off with a simple workout at the gym. I walked on the treadmill, worked out my back pretty quickly, and then did some core workouts. After the gym, I came back home, showered, and ate this breakfast: two waffles, honey greek yogurt, one peach, and a little bit of almond butter. Yum!

After breakfast I worked through the morning, shipped new binders out, wrapped up the entire week, had a meeting with my intern, and closed up shop for the weekend.

Lentil Soup & Toast

For lunch I enjoyed one can of Amy’s Lentil Soup with a slice of sourdough (on top: a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of sea-salt, and red chili pepper flakes – we were out of avo, which I usually love to put on top of this).

After lunch I relaxed for a while… I cozied around on the couch, turned on music, and caught up on a little blog reading. Mid-day I walked to check the mail, and got two new packages. One of which I can’t wait to show you…!

Ann Page Stationary Gift

A client of mine had this made for me. It’s stationary by Ann Page. Have you ever heard of her?

How sweet is this? I flooded with appreciation upon receiving this package – this meant so much to me. It’s now all on my office desk :).

I got another kick to move my body around 3:30, so I left the house and went for walk. Little did I know, once I started walking I felt like running a bit. So, I named a new workout:


1. permission to tie up your shoes, leave the house, and walk or run for whatever time/pace feels comfortable for you on any particular day.

You’re doing great moving your body, so lift the rules :). It was such a GREAT feeling workout. No music, no phone, nothing to carry, just me and the sun wunning around San Luis Obispo, exploring new neighborhoods that I hadn’t discovered yet.


For dinner, Marco and I walked to Chipotle. We were both craving steak, and didn’t have any at home. Steak burrito for him, steak bowl with all the goodies for her (brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, steak, mild salsa, a little cheese, and lettuce).


Banana Waffles and Yogurt

We woke up at 7:00 Saturday, which was so nice… no alarms set, just naturally woke up. I made coffee, climbed back into bed and grabbed my iPad to “play” on Pinterest.

At about 8:30 we got out of bed, I did some core workouts on the kitchen floor with my yoga mat (lots of room in our kitchen), and then headed out the door for a “wun.” I “wan” (haha!) to the gym to meet Marco, did some upper body exercises, and then walked home. It felt so good!

Once we got home I made myself a late breakfast (Marco is an eat before a workout kind of guy, I’m an eat after a workout kind of girl – unless I’m starving of course). Two waffles with yogurt, banana, and almond butter.

Throughout the rest of our Saturday, we drove to the beach, walked around town, did a little shopping, and then finally landed ourselves at an early dinner. I had a banana while out shopping.

Firestone Southwest Salad (1)

Firestone in San Luis Obispo. This time, I ordered the Southwestern Salad. All I gotta say… YUM! Marco also agreed that this salad was amazing. In fact, with all the bites he was asking for a think he wished he’d ordered it himself! I see this salad again in my near future.


Banana Waffles and Yogurt

I woke up on Sunday around 7:00, had about 20 minutes of quiet time on the couch, and then jumped in the shower to get ready for church. We ate breakfast before we went. Waffles for both of us. His: plain with butter and maple syrup. Hers: yogurt and banana sans the almond butter this time.

Moutainbrook Church View (1)

We went to Moutainbrook Church this Sunday. I needed some upbeat heart-racing worship music in my life. Mb has super loud music, which I love… Our Church in Ventura, Mission, is so good at this… Everyone has a different style, which I can appreciate :). This picture is a view from Mb. Pretty, huh?

When we returned home, Marco left for the gym, and I stayed home taking a rest day with a cleaning-itch. I washed all of the laundry and cleaned up the entire house. I had country music playing loud, cleaning clothes back on, and even made myself a refreshing peach soda mid-day to cool down. It was a real treat :).

Pesto Pasta

I ate this tiny bit of pasta around noon. This was a sorry lunch… haha! I knew I needed more than this, so I waited until I was hungry again and…

Chips and Salsa

…shared the last of our chips and salsa with Marco. As you can maybe guess, we were all out of food. Grocery shopping happens today :).

The 4-Hour Workweek Reading

We relaxed around the house for a while… Marco looked up trailers and I read my new book “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Confession – I would be sad to only work 4-hours a week because my job is also a personal mission/joy for me, but I am excited to hear all Tim Ferriss has to teach. I know this book is MUCH more than just working less hours, and so far I’m loving it.

I also got “The Desire Map” as tons of our SLS girls want to buy this book after one recommendation came up in the our private group. Pssst. You still have a tiny-tiny bit of time to jump in! We’re shutting the doors really (really!) soon > www.selflovesummerchallenge.com

I’m packing these books with us this weekend as we’re going on a long, long-awaited, family vacation. Ah, I cannot wait…!

Sandwich from Haggens (1)

After reading a little bit, we got up and walked to the grocery store. I had to pick up beans for our small group as we were having a potluck style dinner. While there, Marco and I got a roast beef sandwich to split. We still had about 5 hours until group and I new a little bit of pasta and chips were not gonna cut it. We enjoyed our sandwich halves on the walk back home :).

I didn’t take a picture of my dinner plate last night, but I enjoyed: a spoonful of beans and rice (each), one enchilada, salad, and a few chips and guac. Yum! I was super content after dinner, so I passed on dessert and focused on enjoying my group and playing “Heads Up” instead. SUCH a fun game. I’d never played it before!

Have you ever played “Heads Up”?

Well, that concludes our weekend off together! I wish you all a nice Monday. Today I’ll be: planning out my week, shipping off more new client binders, planning blog posts (great ones coming this week!), and answering emails. I’ll be off mid-day and am anticipating grocery shopping, “wunning” to the gym and working out, and hanging with my boy.


With these “Weekend Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories. (I am adding a new category on the blog called “Weekend Eats.“)

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