Weekend Eats & Family Visiting

Good-morning my sweet friends! I hope you all had a good weekend, and a happy St. Patrick’s day. If you followed my Instagram @healthyhitsthespot story on Friday then you saw the video of all the college kids dressed in green and lined up at the bars in downtown SLO at 6:00 AM! Yep, 6:00 AM. YOU heard right.

My friends and I grabbed coffee early Friday morning and walked around downtown to see everyone. It was pretty entertaining!

Today I have eats to share with you from yesterday. Marco’s grandparents are in town, so I spent the second half of the day hanging out with them, and we’ll head out to meet up with them again in just a bit.

I have SO many eats to share with you… I think this week I’ll do a big “weekly eats” post for ya! I’ve saved pretty much all of my photos from the past two weeks. Ha!

Before we dive in… the purpose of sharing these posts with you is to encourage you. To show you that as I listen to my body and feel healthy & happy without dieting, you can too! You see, it wasn’t always like this for me. But now that I’ve found freedom, I want to share the same freedoms with you!


Breakfast tacos

The morning started with two eggs rolled up into corn tortillas, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and topped with salsa.

After breakfast, Asia and I walked to grab coffee and head to Church to meet up with another friend, Chelsea. Church was sweet. I love singing even more these days now that mama is singing with me in spirit (though, I miss her being there with me physically).


After Church I came home and cleaned up our house a bit. I wanted something cool and refreshing, so I made a smoothie with some fruits/food I wanted to use up at home. I used: banana, apple, yogurt, PB, and milk in this one. The banana was frozen, so it made it ice cold.

After cleaning I lounged and relaxed around the house with my newest book, And Still She Laughs. I’ve got a few pages left, and it’s been so good. So real. I have a whole stack I’m wanting to get through at the moment!

Salad with salmon

When Marco’s grandparents got to town, he was still at work, and I went out to lunch with them. We went to the Granada and sat in the sun. It’s been such a pretty weekend, and now we’re expecting storms all week. Yay! (I like the rain…). At lunch, I got a salmon and kale salad. SO good. So fresh and lemony.

Cheese plate

Marco’s grandpa ordered this cheese plate, and while I didn’t have any (I was so happy with my salad) it was too pretty to NOT take a photo of! I loooove when food looks this pretty. It makes me that much more excited to savor every bite.

Broccoli soup

In the afternoon, granny took a nap, so I walked to meet Asia for another cup o’ coffee. Cappucino’s for the win lately! I’ve been loving them. When I got home from coffee, I rested and read for a couple of hours before we all met to for dinner around 7:00. I had a little bit of this homemade broccoli soup in between.


For dinner, we went to a new restaurant in SLO called Flour House. We hadn’t been yet, but had heard it was really good if you’re in the mood for Italian. I love basically ALL food, but when I’m in the mood for Italian, I am REALLY in the mood for Italian.

To start, we ordered this fried-seafood-goodness: cod, squid, shrimp, calamari… yum! No sauce, just drizzled with lemon. It tasted so good, and smelled like heaven.

Fusilli Pasta

For dinner, I got fusilli pasta with butternut cream sauce and sausage. Holy yum, this was so rich and satisfying. I had some parmesan sprinkled on top, right after I took this photo!


Marco ordered this pizza that was smothered in cheese and had bacon stripped to top it. Again, SO good. All of our food was yummy! It was fun to find a new restaurant to love in town. Though, this food is so rich, I’ll have to really be in the mood for it!

After dinner we walked Marco’s grandparents to their hotel, talked for a bit, and headed home for an early-ish bedtime at 9:30. I love evenings like last night. Such a good end to the weekend for me!

Today, we’re hanging out with them again (about to meet up for lunch) and Marco and I will have several house off together tonight.

I’ll see you guys back here Wednesday! Like I said… I’ve got some huge daily eats posts coming!


I’m going to make more videos this week. Last week, I put together videos on organizing, budgeting, and meal planning (while eating intuitively) – you can sign up for those here… What videos would you like to see next? Any special requests? Post in the comments what you’d like to see!

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