Weekend Eats & Family Visiting

Time for weekend eats! This weekend was filled with friends and family from Friday all the way through this morning. Marco’s family came up Saturday, and we’ve had so much fun hanging out with them.

As a reminder, the purpose of sharing my eats (my most requested type of post) is to show that you CAN ditch diets, eat intuitively, and feel great in your body without calorie counting, diets, or deprivation. I teach this to all of my clients, and now they’re able to be examples too. You can see THEIR stories here.


Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Eggs & Toast

Breakfast: To start the weekend, Marco and I had eggs & toast for breakfast. After breakfast was a busy, go-go-go day for me. I had work to do, errands to run to get ready for family to visit, and fun things planned.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Urbane Cafe Fallin' For U Chick Salad

Lunch: In between errands, I met my friend Caitlin for lunch at Urbane Cafe. I ordered the Fallin’ For U Chick Salad (kale, greens, chicken, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin, feta, and julienne vegetables). I skipped the bread on this – wasn’t feeling it.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Costco Edamame PastaWeekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Costco Seaweed Salad

Dinner: At about 3:30 PM I found myself hungry again. I knew I had a “Galentines” dinner to go to with friends at 5:30, so I ate something I thought would hold me over for a couple of hours. Edamame pesto pasta & seaweed salad (both really little bowls).

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Luna Red - Sangria

Surprisingly, I still wasn’t hungry by the time we went to dinner, so I ordered a glass of sangria (my favorite drink at Luna Red in SLO) and just hungout with the girls. Just as enjoyable!

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Snack: When I got home from dinner I started to feel a little bit hungry, so I had a few blue corn chips and salsa. I wanted to get something in my stomach because I knew I’d be meeting up with more friends, going out.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Costco Tamales After a Night Out

Late night snack: After a night out with friends, we came back home and Marco fixed us all tamales. I had them all ready to go the moment I mentioned “Costco Tamales.” Ha! Happy girls.


Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Breakfast Roll Ups with Eggs & Corn Tortillas

Breakfast: Saturday morning we slept in, which felt amazing! At about 10:30 I made us breakfast. Egg and cheese roll ups (on corn tortillas) with salsa.

At about 11:00 Marco’s family arrived for a weekend stay and we went to lunch. Marco and I didn’t order anything at lunch since we’d just eaten, but we did much on a handful of Firestone french fries.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Snacking on Blueberries

Snack: Mid-day, as Marco’s aunt and I were talking and having tea, I pulled out some blueberries and we munched on those before dinner.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Mama's Meatballs SLO - Garden Salad Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Mama's Meatballs SLO - Garlic Knots Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Mama's Meatballs SLO - Angel Hair Pasta

Dinner: For dinner, we went to Mama’s Meatballs, a super loved Italian Restaurant here in SLO. I was so excited to try the garlic bread knots that I’d heard about on Yelp before we went. They were tasty, but not as garlicky and buttery as I’d hoped for.

For dinner, I got a side garden salad to start, and then angel hair pasta with chicken, tomato, basil, olive oil, and garlic to end. I ate a little less than half of my pasta and am excited to have it for leftovers this week!

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Gluten Free Cookies Batch SLO

Dessert: After we walked around town a bit, everyone was ready for dessert at Batch, a local ice cream sandwich shop here in SLO. I ordered gluten free fudge cookie with Butterfinger ice cream. I didn’t like the cookie at all, so I tossed them and just ate the ice cream.


Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Tea & Toast

Snack: To start my Sunday I woke up, got ready early (you have to plan with family visiting and only one bathroom) and hung out with my tea and toast until everyone was ready to go. I knew we’d be going to a late breakfast this day, and my tummy was already grumbling.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Frankie & Lola's Morro Bay - ABC Scramble

Brunch: After Church we went to Frankie and Lola’s in Morro Bay for brunch. It was yummy! Another place we’d heard a ton about on Yelp. I ordered an ABC Scramble which had avocado, bacon, and herbed cheese with micro greens on top + a side of potatoes. Yum, yum. Ate all of this.

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Granada SLO - Bloody Mary

Mid-day we walked down to the Granada with Marco’s grandparents for a drink while the rest of the house rested. I ordered a Bloody Mary, which I’ve been loving to get since mine and Marco’s last snowboarding trip. For whatever reason, I’m craving that tomato juice!

Weekend Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Woodstocks - Brother Toms

Before dinner on Sunday, we spent the late afternoon watching the Super Bowl. I made the whole family hot wings + sat out chips and salsa to munch on. I totally forgot to take a photo amongst all the serving and visiting. Whoops! I enjoyed a hot wing & handful of chips, but mostly just family.

Dinner: For dinner we went to Woodstock’s Pizza where the fam ordered two big ol’ pizzas (leftovers for us this week – win!) and I ordered a Brother Tom’s Salad with blue cheese. I ate the whole salad, and thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. Yum! Just what I was craving.

It was a GREAT weekend with friends and family. I’m feeling so refreshed today, and thankful for getting to build so many memories. I love this little SLO town of mine, and I love having our family visit. It feels like there’s so much to do and see. This might just be my favorite place on earth!

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