Weekend Eats: Memorial Day Weekend

Good-morning and happy Memorial Day!

I’m here with eats from the weekend to share with ya!

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).

If you want to apply what you’re learning here in these posts and become an intuitive eater as well, come join me in The Growth Vault (click here). I would love to coach you!


Daily Eats | Scrambled eggs with sourdough toast and kerrygold butter for a post-workout breakfast

Friday morning started off with the gym, work, and breakfast. Breakfast was two eggs and sourdough toast.

Daily Eats | Leftover pizza from

After work Marco and I had leftover pizza for lunch. Yum! I had three slices of pizza (smallish pieces) with ranch. Yummmm!

Daily Eats | Steak burritos from Super Taqueria in Reno, Nevada.

We hung out with our friends throughout the afternoon (so fun!) and went shopping for backyard furniture. When we got home we set up the rocking chairs and Shannon, Brayden (her baby) and I sat in them while the boys picked up dinner. Steak burritos from Super Taqueria. Soooo good!

Daily Eats | Gyoza, cauliflower, miso soup sipped it from a mug. So comforting and cozy right before bed.

Right before bed I wanted a little something extra so I heated up the last of the gyoza/cauliflower/miso soup I’d made earlier in the week and sipped it from a mug. So comforting and cozy right before bed.


Saturday morning was so darn special. If you follow along on Instagram @paigeschmidt you may have already heard me talk about it.

Here’s the story: I woke up early with Abby, excited to sit in the rocking chairs. I set them up outside, cozy with a blanket my mom had made in the Phillipeans when she was in her 20’s. I added pillows from the living room too.

I went inside to make my coffee and as I was making it I started thinking about how this is something I’d really love to do with my mom. Sit at our new home, in our backyard, in these rocking chairs.

It was a moment of “We haven’t ever done this together, and I wish we could.”

I poured almond milk in my coffee, stirred it up and proceeded to walk outside and sit in my rocking chair. I got myself situated and as I sat back in my chair and looked up…

My mama letting us know she's with us through the most intense and deep rainbow in our backyard.

I saw this double rainbow that just got more and more intense and deeper in color for the next 10-minutes. If you don’t know, my mom shared with my family that she’d show us rainbows to let us know she’s with us.

That was a truly magical moment for me, with my mom. It was the most special moment I’ve had with her since she went to heaven. I felt her all around me and was so deeply content. Thank you Jesus, for that.

Our sweet Abby girl enjoying a special moment with my mama and I on our back patio.

And I’m so happy this cutie got to be a part of it. My mom would have loved Abby. In fact, I know my mom *does* love Abby and can see everything she and I do together, from heaven. My sweet girl.

Daily Eats | Saturday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, and coffee.

After my magical coffee time outside, I came back in and made breakfast for Marco and I. Two eggs, sourdough, and more coffee. Great start to a Saturday!

We ran errands after breakfast and then headed over to Shane and Shannon’s house for a Memorial Day BBQ. For everyone who has served in our country, THANK YOU. We recognize you and appreciate you GREATLY.

Summer BBQ Eats | Beef brisket, macaroni salad, and half a baked potato with cheese, green onions and sour cream.

At the BBQ I had two vodka-grapefruit cocktails and this plate of YUMMY food. Beef brisket, macaroni salad, and half a baked potato with cheese, green onions and sour cream. I had another 1/4 baked potato after this.

Our backyard landscaping is complete. Our new home in Reno, Nevada feels complete!

We hungout with Shan and Shane for the rest of the day and when we got home that night our backyard was FINISHED. So awesome! Grass is in, lights are up, and stepping stones are set. Next is finding a propane fireplace for the tile pad. If you have one that you like, send the link my way!

Daily Eats | Subway's Italian bread with mayo, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato with diet coke and Miss Vickie's chips on the side. We ate in bed. IDEAL Saturday night dinner.

For dinner we got Subway and ate in bed. IDEAL! I sometimes get the biggest craving for Subway. Specifically, their Italian bread with mayo, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Nothing else! Also, diet coke on the side. SO. GOOD!

My regular order at Subway is wheat bread, turkey, cheese, olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper, and EVERY VEGGIE THEY HAVE. Also SO good. But sometimes, this simple kid-like meal is just what I am craving.


Daily Eats | Soyrizo and potato taco with salsa verde for Sunday breakfast.

Sunday morning started out with Marco and I sitting on the front porch listening to a Church service, sipping coffee, and watching Abby play. That was our Church this week! After that, we ate leftovers for breakfast.

I had the last soyrizo and potato taco we had in the fridge and Marco had the last of his Subway from the night before.

Daily Eats | Split sub from Walmart while we ran errands.

For lunch Marco and I split this sub sandwich that we picked up at Walmart while running errands (I was super hungry!). It was really good! I gave the sauces to Marco as I wasn’t feeling any condiments on my half.

Treating our friend Shannon to coffee while we squeezed in some baby Brayden time.

We ate while we stopped by Shannon’s to see Brayden and bring her coffee. I had a soy latte as well. Marco is in love with Brayden 🙂

Hosting our friends and their babe, Brayden, at our home. Marco got more baby time. How cute is that smile!

A little later they came to chill at our house and Marco got more baby time. How cute is that smile! I think he looks good with a babe. What do you guys think? Ha!

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Bar with caramel and black sea salt

After Shan and Bray left I took off to do our weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I grabbed this dark chocolate with caramel bar to have a few bites of on the ride home. DELISH.

Daily Eats | Chips and salsa as an appetizer from Murrieta's in Reno, Nevada

While I was at TJ’s Marco called and said our friend Bob asked if we wanted to grab Mexican food with him. Yep! 100% in, of course! We went to a place called Murrieta’s and munched on chips and salsa before the food came.

Daily Eats | Tostadas with carne asana and rice and beans on the side from Murrieta's in Reno, Nevada

For dinner, I ordered tostadas with carne asana and rice and beans on the side. I also ordered a small Blue Moon beer but they brought me a 24 oz. Ha! I drank half and ate almost all of my food. I stopped when I became full.

We had such a great weekend, friends. We’re so happy and filled up that our backyard is finished – it makes our home feel complete. We have to let the SOD (grass) sit for about two weeks and then we can hang back there with Abby.

Such a great way to kick off summer, so we’re grateful!

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