Weekend Eats: Savor Wine & Food Event + Date Night

Hey girls! Happy Oct. 1! Did you see yesterday’s eats? I’m back with the rest of last weeks eats: Saturday & Sunday! These two days were SO fun. I can’t wait to share them with you. Last weekend felt so FULL.

As a reminder, the purpose for sharing my eats is to be an example: you can ditch diets, eat intuitively, and feel great in your body without calorie counting, diets, or deprivation. I teach all of my clients this, and now they’re living breathing examples too! You can see their stories here.


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Saturday was SUPER fun. The morning started off with a walk with my intern to Scout coffee in SLO. Tea latte for me, coffee for her. After coffee we went back to my house and talked starting up her own coaching business for hours until she left to continue her road trip.

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After she left, I had breakfast (bran flakes, PB, granola, and almond milk) and then got ready for the day.

One request you girls have made is more outfit pics. Although I probably won’t do full outfit posts, I’m happy to share outfits that I like throughout daily eats! This was definitely an outfit that I loved.

Gap dress ($12!), red sweater, Stella and Dot necklace & bracelet, Gap sandals, and curled hair with a clip :). The purse is Gap too!

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After getting ready I drove to Santa Margarita to meet my friend Catilin and her family to join them for this awesome wine & food event called Savor the Central Coast. It’s put on my Sunset magazine.

We tried: beers, wine, Kombucha, green juice, and all kinds of food (tacos, lamb nachos and sliders, chocolate, ice cream, ceviche, cheese, sauces). The portions were all so TINY that I never felt full, which felt great.

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My gosh, we had so much fun!

After the event we continued onto a pub in Santa Margarita and ended up making new friends while we were there. We tend to do this wherever we go! Haha.

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After the event, I got dropped off, showered quickly, ate the other half of my Urbane (from the night before), and then walked to meet friends for a movie night. At the movie night I enjoyed a bowl of popcorn & some fruit with a small glass of wine.

We watched Baby Mama with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. Those two are HILARIOUS together!


Sunday was great also, because our Church was throwing their Fall Kickoff event at Mitchell Park in SLO. I invited a couple of my girl friends (& one of their BF’s!). They all got to meet Marco for the first time. Yay!

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Breakfast – bran flakes with granola, PB, flaxseed, and almond milk + tea.

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Lunch – After the Church service we were served BBQ which was so GOOD. I enjoyed chicken (thigh & leg), beans, salad with ranch, and garlic bread. Holy heavens. I loved this meal so much.

I couldn’t believe that our Church was able to cook SO much food and still make it all taste SO good. Mmm. Happy happy belly. I skipped out on desert and enjoyed my friends instead. Wasn’t feeling it.

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After Church Marco and I walked downtown to the chalk art festival. I took a couple of pictures to show you girls because this chalk art was just insane!

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On our walk back home we saw a crowd gathered around this little corner store. It was a group of young Jazz players playing music downtown. They’d made their own little concert. They were GOOD!

I took a picture to show you all because I wanted to share how much I’m loving our little home here in SLO. I love the people, I love the town, I love that it feels like no one is in a rush… I’ve just fallen in love with everything about this place.

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In the evening Marco and I drove to Morro Bay to walk & grab dinner. We’ve been loving MB lately because it’s been so much cooler than SLO!

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After our walk we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican food restaurant – La Palapa in Baywood. Holy yum it’s good. I ordered a bean tostada & shared chips and salad with M. The chips were so HOT and perfect. Best Mexican in town!

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Overall, this weekend was FILLED with fun. Honestly, probably the most fun I’ve had over a weekend since moving here. Yes? Maybe? It was good. Thanks for letting me share it with you!

It’s also that time to VOTE again! I’ve had fun doing this with you girls the last 2-3 weeks. Which post would you like to see next on HHS? I think #2 is in the lead!

  1. Organization when working from home
  2. Encouraging resources that I am loving lately
  3. Back to school post on setting up for success & staying healthy

If you have a post request, post it below in the comments.



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