Weekend Eats + Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Look at this! We’ve got a daily eats post today! It’s been a while since I’ve been that consistent with my photo taking. Plus, I’ve just had so many things on my heart that I’ve wanted to talk about lately! I’m excited to bring you a daily eats post today and hope you enjoy it!

Before I dive in, I want to remind us that these posts are not for comparison, to tell you what to eat or when you should eat it. Rather, they are here to inspire you, give you food ideas and to encourage you to give yourself permission to listen to your body as I listen to mine.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, you have permission to exit outa here right now. Perhaps you’d enjoy this post I wrote more: Money + Self-Care: Spending On Yourself Where It Counts.


Ah, Saturday morning was so lovely. I slept in until about 8:00 and laid in bed until I was ready to get up and make myself a cup of coffee.

Once I crawled out of bed I enjoyed my coffee, slow music, and answered some emails. I typically don’t check email on the weekend but have a couple of new clients starting and was excited to get their coaching programs all set up.

My 1:1 coaching is at max capacity for the rest of 2017 and I’m now booking Discovery Sessions for January 2018. If you’d like a spot, book your Discovery Session now by filling in your name & email here and follow the instructions in the email that follows.


Around 10:30 my belly started to grumble so I made myself breakfast. Two eggs and two slices of sourdough toast with Kerrygold butter (my favorite). Yum!

Small meal

Around 12:30 I was hungry again so I made myself a “small meal” (what I call meals that are more than a snack, but not quite a meal) to tide me over until I got lunch with my friend Asia and cousin Haley at 2:00.


At about 2:00 the three of us walked over to Firestone Grill for lunch. I ordered a small steak Cobb salad with vinaigrette dressing. Yum! This is my favorite. We shared fries on the side.


Later that evening around 6:30 I had dinner with Marco, which was more of the southwestern tortilla soup topped with a scoop of rice, cilantro, lime, avocado, and a spoonful of sour cream. So good! Here’s the recipe to this wonderful CrockPot soup if you’d like it!

Marco and I ended the night watching Grace and Frankie (have any of you seen it?) and went to bed early (I wonder when I will stop calling 8:30 “early” since it’s now my normal bedtime and I rarely stay up much later? Ha!).


Sunday morning started out with coffee, slow music, Instagram (@paigeschmidt) and breakfast.


Again, I had sourdough toast and two over-medium eggs chopped up. Seriously never gets old. Ever. Following breakfast I hopped in the shower and got ready for Church, where I met my friends Asia and Brittany for the morning service. It was wonderful!


After Church I came home and spent some time cleaning up the house and answering a few more emails. Then took a break to write in my journal and have lunch, which was a repeat of dinner. This tortilla soup – hit’s the spot every time. I added crushed tortilla chips instead of rice (chips were better!).


After lunch I walked over to Asia’s office and worked with her for a couple of hours. I worked on writing, she worked on editing photos.

When I did exactly what I was craving: I changed into my PJ’s, made a cup of Blue Bottle decaf coffee and enjoyed it with a GoMacro bar while I relaxed. Yum!


About half an hour before Marco got home from work I got hungry and made myself dinner (a reheat from Friday’s dinner – I love “cooking once, eating twice”).

I had wild salmon (truly wild, as our friend Larry caught it) topped with pesto butter and paired with rice, avocado, and broccoli (didn’t end up eating the chili sauce or tomatoes).

Once Marco got home I heated him up some food and then we climbed into bed for an early night of Grace and Frankie (on Netflix) and sleep. Ah… Loving these 8:30 bedtimes. Every night, please?

That’s all I have for you today, friends! I’ll be back Wednesday with a new post 💛

Love, Paige

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