Weekend Eats: Storms & Sneaking Snacks to the Movies

Ah, yesterday (Sunday) was so stormy here in central CA. Today I’m going to share my weekend eats, a note about meal prepping (in a FUN & non-forced way), and how we snuck our snacks into the movies and got totally DRENCHED on our way home (payback for sneaking snacks, I wonder?).


coffee in the rain

We woke up from our alarm at 8:00 AM to thunder and lightening and pouring rain. I jumped in the shower, turned on my coffee, and threw on some cozy clothes. I finished getting ready for Church, and then went downstairs to the garage to sit and watch the rain while I sipped my coffee.

Over the past week M and I totally cleaned up our garage and made it into a hangout spot for us to sit and friends to stay. We don’t have a patio here, but if you were to look at our garage, the front part is perfect to turn into a little patio (it even has newer concrete than the rest of the garage)… so that’s what we did :).

journal for church

At 9:30 we walked to Church in the rain under our umbrella. Our Church is literally, RIGHT around the corner from our house here in SLO. That’s actually how we found our Church, and how we’ve met most of our friends.

I always take this little notebook with me, because most Sundays my brain starts flooding with creativity while I’m in Church. So, this little notebook helps me to just jot the thoughts down right away and continue listening to the service :). This is also where I write down all of my friends/family/client prayer requests :).

eggs on toast

When we got home from Church, I made us “eggs on toast” for breakfast. Can I tell you guys something funny? Maybe some of you will be able to relate… But every time Marco eats an open faced sandwich the food falls off the top, and he throws his hands up in the air. Haha… I laugh just thinking about it… It’s always like he’s almost done, and he forgets to hold on to the top and then it all goes flying.

Does anyone else struggle as much as M to eat open faced sandwiches? I remember when I FIRST started blogging (on Tumblr) and you could ask questions, one of the questions I got was “how do you eat an open faced sandwich?” I never knew the struggle was so real until I met Marco. Haha!

The KEY is to use both hands and let your middle fingers (or whatever is comfortable to you) hold on to the top of the sandwich with each bite.

dried mango

After breakfast M and I went to the gym. We were both over the gym so quickly. It was pouring rain outside, it was super humid (what are you doing to us CA?) and the gym was hot and sticky. We stayed for about 30 minutes and then called it a day. We came home and as I was putting our meal together, I had a little snack of mango slices to calm my hunger.

turkey blt with arugula

Lunch was delicious! On Saturday, we went to lunch at Urbane Cafe here in SLO and I ordered a Club Sandwich which kept me full and satisfied for the rest of the day. I loved it so much, that I wanted to re-create my own version at home this week.

On my HHS “B.A.T.H.T.” (no? It doesn’t work? It totally doesn’t work)… open faced toasted sourdough, Bacon, Arugula, Turkey, Havarti, and Tomato. With a tiny drizzle of organic ranch dressing (Whole Foods) and organic mayo/mustard. Also dusted with sea-salt and fresh ground pepper.

Yum! Served with an arugula and baby kale salad with tomato slices and the last tiny bit of our organic ranch. This lunch was mouth-watering good. Like, with each bite you feel the sides of your mouth turning up into a smile (I love food, obviously).

chipotle inspired dinner at home

Dinner was a meal that I had already prepped over the weekend and took 10 minutes to put together.

Hey, speaking of prepped. I do NOT meal prep religiously, ever. Instead, I take the approach “well, I have some extra time, could I make my weekdays easier on myself if I spend 45 minutes right now cooking?” And if it’s yes and I’d like to cook, then hey, I’m all for it.

My question for you: I can do a post on how I did this tomorrow if you’d like. Any requests for a post on making your weeknights easier with cooking ahead of time? And how to make it FUN and not feel like a chore?! 

homemade colorful dinner

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what this is! This meal was inspired by the ingredients of a burrito bowl at Chipotle, and then twisted around and turned into something different.

On our plates (and eaten together with each bite): rice cooked in chicken broth topped with pico de gallo and hot hot hot salsa, fajita veggies cooked in a tiny bit of leftover bacon grease (again, I can talk about this in the meal prep post), chicken cooked with sea-salt, pepper, and 21 Seasoning Salute topped with mozzarella cheese and hot hot hot salsa, and last but not least, a side of sour cream and more hot hot hot salsa. We like it HOT!

pack snacks in purse to the movies

At the end of the night M & I walked to the movies to see “Trainwreck.” It was pretty funny! And the theater was packed. Before we left, we packed out own bag of snacks to munch on… Last time we went to this movie theater, the popcorn was no good. And what more of a disappointment than to get bad popcorn at the movies?

So, we took our own! We made this popcorn, took dried mangos to share for something sweet, a water, and then each a sweet drink. Blood Orange Pellegrino for me and Dr. Pepper for him. My poor Mr. had a headache, so he sipped the water instead.

On our way home from the movies (remember, we walked) it began to POUR RAIN again. If you know us, this is my dream and Marco’s worst nightmare. Picture: me running in the street with my arms open and Marco running under every roof top or tree he can find. Haha!

When we got to our front door we were both SOAKING WET. Literally, I had to wring out the water in my shirt. SO great… and luckily Marco got dry quickly and laid down and felt much better. Ah, I was laughing so hard….

So, before you go, let me know if a meal prep post would be fun tomorrow! And, if any of you can relate to Marco’s open-faced sandwich struggle, please do share!



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