Weekend Eats: Sushi & Mid-Day Sunday Petite Treat

Sharing more weekend eats with you today, since you all said it was helpful/fun to see weekend eats in my last post!

yogurt on the go

Sunday morning started out with sleeping in & sipping coffee in bed. It was a total Pinterest/reading blogs morning. I saw this recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod and it totally had me drooling… If you follow me on instagram (@healthyhitsthespot), you saw my love for it already!

Anyway, breakfast Sunday was small & quick. I was headed out the door for Church and just wanted to eat something. Plain Greek Yogurt (Fagè), agave, and a little bit of Golden Girl Granola.


After Church, Marco and I walked around town. Funny story! He wanted to see the new MacBook, so we walked to Apple to check it out. Now, anytime I’m in Apple, I always go to my blog from one of the computers… Just a habit… Well, I went on the big ol’ 27″ iMac while I was there and guess what post I landed on for everyone in Apple to see? Definitely landed on this post called “Why You Don’t Need A New MacBook…”. HAHA, hands-over-face! I franticly “x’d” out of the screen… Whoops!

When we got home we were pretty hungry. So, we split the other half of my burger from the night before and then made lunch.

turkey melt sandwiches

brussels sprouts on the side

Mmmmm. Turkey & Artichoke Melts. I enjoyed brussels sprouts on the side of mine, and the Hubby enjoyed some crunchy tortilla chips. I ate about 2/3 of my sandwich and then got full. The BS’s filled me up quickly!

ice cream mid day

A couple hours later I had an ice cream craving. So, I made a Petite-Treat of Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Monkey.” Remember when Marco bought it for me in Why You Should Let Yourself Have Ice Cream :)?

After this we ran to Target & then landed ourselves at the gym. I walked at a super casual pace, did sit-ups, and was definitely the girl on the mats laying down texting. Ha! Sim & I were deep in conversation. It was necessary ;).

seaweed salad

After the gym we came home, got ready, and headed to dinner to meet with our friend Jeremy before Small Group. We went to Sumo Sushi here in SLO. Mmm! I hear we should try Yanagi. Anyone been there? At Sumo, I ordered a Seaweed Salad & a “Hot Night Roll” which is spicy tuna, cucumber, crab, and avocado… I think? 🙂

hot night roll sumo slo

I ate all of my salad and passed two rolls on to my Hubby. Shocked he ate them! He’s usually like my Momma – not a fan of raw fish. But, he liked em! Pretty cool :).

After dinner we went to Small Group. There were lot’s of desserts there, but I felt satisfied from dinner. So, instead of sweets I made myself a hot cup of tea and enjoyed everyones company. I love, love, love, our group… I’m so glad that we’ve been able to meet more people through Church. It makes moving a little easier.

xo, your coach


With these “Weekend Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories. (I am adding a new category on the blog called “Weekend Eats.“)

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