Weekend Eats: We Ate Out Every Meal This Weekend. Pics!


Ever had one of those weekends when friends are visiting, and you eat out every single meal? I had one of those weekends–it was AWESOME. We got to taste so much delicious food. We even have a running list of what Kayla and Kyle still need to try next time they visit… Our tastebuds thank you, SLO!

Since I know weekends like these bring some of you anxiety &/or overwhelm, my goal here is to show you how you can enjoy your company all without worrying about the food. Instead, you can just go with the flow, and eat/taste what sounds good, and skip everything else.

Here’s why these weekends are actually less stressful than we make them out to be: Just because there are what feel like a dozen opportunities to eat in a short amount of time, doesn’t mean you you’ll want to eat every single thing (especially if you’re paying attention).

apple farm breakfast

Saturday morning started coffee talk & lounging around before we threw on our walking shoes to get breakfast. We love walking to the Apple Farm. Kayla and I ordered an omelet with potatoes to split, and each our own biscuit. I was so glad we split. It felt perfect and kept me full all day.

marco paige bubblegum alley

After breakfast we walked downtown SLO, showed Kayla bubblegum alley — have you heard of it?! — and the creek. It was HOT this weekend. Shorts and tanks all around.

kayla kyle bubblegum alley

Marco had to work Sat afternoon, so once he left the three of us took a little trip over to Avila Beach. We dipped our feet in the water, saw the town, and hit a candy shop before we left called Reimer’s. They have a Reimer’s in Kayla’s hometown, so she was excited to see one!

I skipped on the candy, because (1) I wasn’t craving it and (2) I was still full from breakfast. Notes for YOU: if you’re in the same boat, full but still want the candy, buy a piece and save it for the very next time you’re hungry :). << It’ll taste so much better then anyway!

spencer makenzies

After Avila we came back to our place and made blended Margarita’s. We listened to music, talked for a while! and then walked downtown to grab a little snack at Spencer Makenzies. Again, I still wasn’t hungry, so I skipped on the snack. I really wanted to be hungry for dinner at Firestone Grill.


We got ready, and walked to Firestone Grill around 7:30. Everything in SLO is walkable. I swear, I don’t move my car unless I’m going to Trader Joes (which, I will be today!). One thing amongst many others than I love about this little town of ours!

firestone grill

I ordered the Southwestern Salad which is my favorite. We got a side of fries and onions rings to share as well, so I snacked on a few of those. Yum! I don’t know if you guys can tell the enormity of this salad, but it’s HUGE and packed with flavor. I was so glad to be nice and hungry before dinner.

We had QUITE the eventful evening afterward. We walked to the grocery store, grabbed some fresh limes, came back to my house, and made peach vodka sodas. While we were hanging out in our garage (our hangout spot) a neighbor came up and told us that there was a man passed out in our front yard.

I walked over, and sure enough there was! Luckily, the fire chief lives next door and I was able to ask him for help. He took care of it all. Picture: a fire truck, police car, and the three of us watching the chiefs little boston terrier dog (Walter). Walter was barking at people as they walked by–he was in total (small) guard dog mode. Just like Noah gets! It was hilarious.

All day Kayla had been set on getting to try Batch, an ice cream sandwich shop in SLO. Sadly, our eventful evening made us too late. They had just closed by the time we’d walked there! So, we walked to Doc Bernsteins, the local ice cream shop, and all cravings were cured. I was full from dinner, so skipped.

An observation you’ll all appreciate: Kayla and Kyle split their meals all day long so they’d have room to try whatever they wanted, knowing there was plenty to try. Not ONE of us was making negative comments about the food. It was all enjoyed in moderation, without a second thought. Refreshing!


By the time Sunday rolled around I was in bare food mode. Ever get this way? I just wanted simple, and light. Basically, not to fancy. Just plain and simple. I ordered a black coffee at Scout (had to show them Scout!) and sipped that on our walk to breakfast.

splash cafe breakfast

At breakfast I ordered “eggs and bacon.” They usually give me a side of eggs and a side of bacon but for some reason mixed it together this time. I’ve gotta say, this may be my new order! It was yummy all mixed together.

Kayla and Kyle took off after breakfast. We had so much fun with them… We laughed, shared stories, got to know each other, and got to show them the little place we’re growing to love so much. Plus, I just love that they love and appreciate food as much as I do!

Once they left, Marco took off to the gym, and I stayed home to decompress & check on all things Finally Free. I worked for a short time answering emails, and getting our newest members all squared away. I normally don’t work on Sunday, but this was a necessary (and fun!) occasion.

chips and salsa

Marco came home an hour later and picked me up to head to Arroyo Grande. Just two towns over where the Walmart is. We went to pick up camping supplies! We got new sleeping bags, a tarp, and a big ol’ cooler. We’re planning a camping trip sometime in the near future.

I was starving by the time lunch hit, so we went over to Baja Fresh and split a burrito dos manos. They don’t have this on the menu anymore, and haven’t for years. It’s INSANELY good and absolutely must be split. Hence the name, burrito “two handed.”

burrito dos monos

I’m not kidding, this burrito is practically the size of two chipotle burritos. Ha! Deeeeelicous to split! I enjoyed the burrito, and left most of the chips behind. They were less exciting in comparison to this delicious burrito.

trader joes snacks

After Baja Fresh we walked next door to Trader Joe’s. I knew we were out of food (literally, our fridge is EMPTY) at home and wanted to eat dinner in. So, I grabbed a salad for dinner, and tofu spring rolls for lunch today and we were set. Marco had leftover tacos and fries that he wanted to eat.

salad trader joes

Mmmmm. Dinner was this Lemon Chicken & Arugla salad from TJ’s. Love. We had a cozy day at home after lunch. We cleaned the house, lounged around, bought tickets to a concert… I planned out my week, made my grocery list for this week (going today), and caught up on some blog reading.

trader joes salad

Marco enjoyed his tacos and fries (I had a few too!) and we relaxed the rest of the evening. I read more of my self compassion book, which I love, and set myself totally up for the next day (today). I got my coffee ready, set my quiet time basket on the dining room table, and picked out my outfit.

Now today I’ve enjoyed an easy morning from setting it all up last night. I had quiet time, coffee, breakfast, and am now blogging before I pack up a work bag and head to a coffee shop to work for several hours on writing. To follow, the gym, Trader Joe’s, and then an evening spent with my Hubby.

So, again, moral of today’s post…

Just because there are what feel like a dozen opportunities to eat in a short amount of time, doesn’t mean you you’ll want to eat every single thing (especially if you’re paying attention).

AND, if you DO want to eat every single thing, it’s 100% possible to do so and still feel great afterward by ‘tasting’ all of your food; not eating to complete fullness; leaving room for more deliciousness. << This is what Kayla and Kyle were able to do. Since they were visiting, they wanted to try everything.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re in a situation where it feels like you’re eating out continuously for a short period of time? I used to feel this way! What’s a new perspective that you can take away from today’s post?

I hope you all have a great day!




P.S. Fun posts to come this week by reader request, including ones on self-care and organizing!

Love, Paige

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