Weekend With My Clients

This weekend was so great. My Clients visited, and we had the best time!

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Saturday morning I woke up early and went for a run. My Clients got here around 10, and the weekend was go-g0-g0 from there.


We shopped. Got Coffee. Went to lunch. Walked around at the beach, and had some quality girl time.


For lunch we went to Natures Grill. I ate half my burger & all of my salad. I had the other half of my veggie burger in the evening.


Abigail saw the pacific ocean for the first time!

IMG_2967 photo 2

After the beach I stopped by my friend Leah’s grad party. I have so many friends graduating right now!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 3.39.22 PM

After the Grad party I picked the girls back up and we went to Lure. Before Lure, while we were on the wait-list, we went over to Grapes & Hops and had some girl/wine chat.


For dinner I ordered a strawberry salad with seared ahi and had one bread roll. Since I had already had a glass of wine at G&H’s I stuck to water.

photo 3

The next morning they went to Church with me — they loved Mission as much as Marco & I do. After that, we came to my house where they got to experience my Dad’s cooking. And Noah!


My Dad made us Chile Verde Omlettes & breakfast potatoes. Yum! This was so good. As always! Thanks Papa Dad 🙂

After breakfast we all went to the beach before it was time to say goodbye. This was such a special time together.

This weekend I get to meet another Client from Chicago who is visiting! 🙂

photo 5

To end my weekend I went to my friend Kelsey’s Grad Party. I’m so proud of you Kels! We’ve all been friends since middle school 🙂

Not to drop a bomb on a good post, but Marco and I also got to experience some other things this weekend. Three hefty parking tickets (drove both our cars to the same spot) & one of our cars got broken into. They stole quite a bit. Great, right? Today we’re clearly bummed, but focusing on being grateful for what we do have and the people in our lives. Things come and go, but our relationships/memories last forever.

We’ll see you guys back here tomorrow.

Love, Paige

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