Weekend with my Kayla!

Good evening nightime! It’s been a long, WONDERFUL night & a day! Ah, how I love my best friend. I needed my Kayla soo much. I feel refreshed every time after we hangout. It’s absolutely the best 🙂

Last night, to start off my stay I got to hangout with her little brother, Evan! We played so much, and had such a great time. He’s growing so much!

What a cutie, right?!

After we played with Evan, we went to Yogurtland and got yummy yummy yogurt! I got pistachio, coconut, and some berry tart with: blackberries, blueberries, mango, strawberries, mochi, and coconut. The cherry was just to make the picture cute, haha. I don’t like those kind of fakey cherries.

Perfect fit for the night! I know… I’m a cheeseball- I’ve been told before 😉

After yogurt we went back to Kayla’s and totally relaxed in our PJ’s and talked before bed. It was so nice after such a long week 🙂

This morning when we woke up at 6:40 (I’m an early-bird) we sat outside on the porch and had our usual “coffee talk” for about an hour and then got ready for the day. By the time we were ready to go, we were both starving so we split this Vanilla Almond Luna Bar. We didn’t want to ruin our appetites! The Luna Bar was perfect and I’m super glad we ate it or else I would have been wearin’ my hangry pants 😉

We ate at Aroma! It was sooooo good! Like, I still cannot get over it!

First of all, it was SO hot down in the Valley, so these waters were ridiculously refreshing to have right when we got there.

When our food came, we were both freaking out in excitement. I think I have a new favorite place when I go down there!

We got the brie + apple panini. It had brie cheese, granny smith apples, caramelized onions, and was all melted in between toasted focaccia bread. Simply delicious.

The most amazing part though… was the GARLIC FRENCH FRIES! They had rosemary, thyme, and lots of fresh garlic. They WERE 100% hands down the best fries I’ve ever had.

We obviously hated it….. 😉

Here’s me! We’re walking around looking at the all the cute little botiques until….

It happened! My sandal broke on THIS crack! This TINY little crack! Haha, it was sooo funny. Kayla & I were dying laughing.

Haha, I was walking “one-shoed” back to the car after this!

I love my best friend so much!

Here I am RUNNING across the fire hot pavement. Haha, it was like lava rocks! Over 100 degrees on my feeties!

Here we are driving home- about to say goodbye! We had the best time. The day was so full of so many fun things and so many laughs. We both needed it so much, too!

Already miss you, Kayla! Love you!

A few hours after I got home I was hungry again so I made dinner.  I had another piece of my Dad’s pizza, and my favorite daily salad lately! Spring mix, feta cheese, and mandarin oranges with olive oil & balsamic! Mmm mmm good! I literally crave it every single day.

After this I still wanted just a little bit more so I had a piece of fresh focaccia bread that my parents just bought, and olive oil & vinegar!

This was soo good! I got the bread super warm and toasty first! Do you guys like Macaroni Grill’s bread and olive oil? Well, this was it’s twin! Yum!

After dinner I went to the gym and worked out for just over an hour, until I came home and studied for about 2+ hours.

Now, I’m falling asleep on my computer, ready to hit the sheets! So, with that being said, goodnight everyone! Love to you all, sleep tight!

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