Weekly Eats (Part 1)

Good-morning beauties! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I recharged so well! If you get my VIP email “The weekly” you know that I unplugged all weekend. I deleted Instagram, gmail, and FB from my phone and spent time in the world right in front of me instead. It felt so rejuvenating.

Today and tomorrow I am going to share my daily eats from all last week. I had some yummy foods, and definitely want to catch you up since all last week was about Finally Free and our second launch. By the way, so excited to see that more of you joined over the weekend!

Before I dive into my eats, I want to let you know that today is the last day to join Finally Free before we close the doors for the rest of 2015! Get in now while you can. Join HERE.

Alrighty, let’s dive in to part 1 of last weeks eats. Part 2 is my weekend eats, and that’s coming tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it. Such a fun weekend!


Weekly Eats - 1 of 32

Last Monday was Labor Day! Marco and I had so much fun this day! We looked at trailers, which those of you who follow me on Instagram (@healthyhitsthespot) already knew about. I asked you all if YOU would do it and most of you said yes and told Marco & I we should definitely do it!

Breakfast – over medium eggs & toast.

Weekly Eats - 2 of 32

Just have to share this photo from a hike we did on Sunday (the Sunday before Labor Day). It was so beautiful!

Paige & Marco Hiking

And here’s a photo of Marco & I at the top!

Meetup Group SLO

And the day before… I hiked Madonna Mountain with my Meetups group!

Weekly Eats - 3 of 32

Okay, so back to Labor Day Monday eats. Before we went to look at trailers I said to the hubby “You know what would make the day the BEST ever? If we could stop at Scout on the way to look at trailers grab an iced soy vanilla latte.” So, simple as that. We did, and really, it was the best!

Weekly Eats - 4 of 32

This photo from the New School Nomad’s is what’s inspiring me beyond words to want to live in a trailer with my boy (for at least one year). We’re not sure that we’re going to do it yet, but we’re definitely in the process of seeing if it’s possible. How cute is this?!

Anchored Home Blog

I’m also SO inspired by this photo and post by the Anchored Home Blog. HOW cute!

Weekly Eats - 5 of 32

We did find a 5th we that we really liked. It needs some fixing up, but as you can tell from the pictures above, that’s totally doable! We’re not making any choices yet, but we definitely have some direction and are feeling excited.

Lunch – while we were out on our fun trailer hunt we grabbed lunch at In-n-Out. I got fries and a cheeseburger protein style (no bun). Sooo good! Love my burgers protein style because I can taste the meat and cheese so well, plus the lettuce is extra crispy and good. Yum.

Weekly Eats - 6 of 32

Dinner – we ended our Labor Day with taco night at home (we had BBQ at home the night before). So simple, so good. Corn tortillas, ground beef, sour cream, avocado, tomato, cheese, and salsa. Mmm in our bellies!


Weekly Eats - 7 of 32

Tuesday was my back to work day after the long weekend. This was a HARD day for me. I’m going to talk a little bit about letting go of the need to please everyone in my next VIP email that’ll be going out this week. Make sure you’re signed up here.

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with sourdough toast and avocado.

Weekly Eats - 8 of 32

Lunch – was leftover tacos from the night before. As I always say, “cook once, eat twice.” I learned this from my Health Coach training program, and it’s stuck ever since!

Weekly Eats - 9 of 32

Pre-dinner snack – while I was cooking dinner, I was feeling a bit ravenous. So, I put a couple crackers and cheese on a plate and sat to enjoy them while the oven baked our food.

Weekly Eats - 10 of 32

Dinner – was garlic naan bread from Trader Joe’s with Palak Paneer and Channa Masala. Both frozen entree’s from TJ’s. What I do: buy one package of naan, two packages of Palak Paneer, two packages of Channa Masala, cook them all at once, and split them with Marco over two meals.

Dinner one night. Lunch the next day. Yum!


Weekly Eats - 11 of 32

Breakfast – over medium eggs and sourdough toast with black coffee in my adorable “Jesus & coffee” mug that my partner in Finally Free, Simi, bought me! SO sweet!

Weekly Eats - 12 of 32

Lunch – was leftover indian food from the night before. Yum!

Weekly Eats - 13 of 32

Dinner – was greens and a little piece of my leftover naan bread. Not a great pic. Sorry! That’s also a margarita you see in the background. A little treat for me! When I make margaritas, I do use the traditional mix, but add half water. I like it strong with just a light sweetness.

The way I cook my greens: from TJ’s buy one box of chicken broth, one package of “greens for cooking,” and 1 package of chicken sausage (pre-cooked, any flavor) and boil it all together. That’s it! Enjoy as a soup/stew.


Weekly Eats - 14 of 32

Breakfast – eggs on toast with avocado on the side.

Weekly Eats - 15 of 32

Lunch – was leftovers from our Labor Day weekend (Sunday night) and our taco night (Monday night) which included half a baked potato with baked beans, ground beef, and salsa. Simple, and super yummy.

Weekly Eats - 16 of 32

Dinner – was super light and simple because it was so HOT. Arugula with blue cheese dressing, mandarin oranges, and pecans.

Weekly Eats - 17 of 32

Petite treat – dark chocolate lovers bar from TJ’s (twice this much).

Weekly Eats - 18 of 32

Before bed snack – since the dinner salad really didn’t fill me, I needed a snack before bedtime. A few chips & cheese. By the way, this night I felt like I could snack for endless hours. Snacking just sounded fun. The next day, I woke up and mother nature visited me. No wonder!

By the way, I am still working on that post where I talk about how most of us feel each day/week of our cycle. Still in the works, I haven’t forgotten!

Alright beauties! So I’ll be back tomorrow with part 2 of last weeks eats, which will include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fun times & eats! Make sure to meet me back here.

Today, don’t forget to:

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