Weekly Eats (Part 2 – Weekend Eats)

Hi beauties! Happy Tuesday! So, I’m back with part 2 of last weeks eats. Yesterday I posted part 1, which included Monday through Thursday. You can see that here.

Now, to share the weekend with you, which was so fun! I was totally unplugged, and even had an out of office message up that I was re-charging for the weekend. This felt phenomenal. I had taken Instagram, FB, and gmail off my phone as well, and allowed myself to just BE.


Weekly Eats - 19 of 32

Breakfast – half a panini made at home and split with Marco. Sourdough toast, eggs, cheddar cheese, and tomato. SOO good! Plus a cup of black coffee.

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Lunch – was Urbane Cafe soup & salad with my friend Hannah and her baby Waylon. Ah, so much fun catching up with her and her adorable little guy (12 weeks old!).

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Before lunch, I worked on my own from Starbucks. I got a ton done, and wrote this weeks VIP email. This took me almost two hours to write. It’s definitely from the heart! Make sure you’re signed up to receive it.

After lunch, I met up with my friend Dominique and we worked for several hours from Scout coffee. I love working out of the house as much as I can on Mondays & Friday’s. It feels so good to get out and see people.

Actually, while we’re on this topic, last week (& continuing into this week) I went for a walk each morning. I’d have my quiet time at home, grab my coffee, and head out for a walk around town. This helped me to get fresh air, say good morning to people, and feel inspired and refreshed.

Pre-dinner snack – anyway, after coffee and working with Dominique we came back to my house to freshen up before dinner. We had a girls Meetup group planned that night in Pismo Beach. I was starving by the time we were home, so I had a few chips and cheese to tide me over.

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Dinner – was angel hair pasta with tomato marinara sauce (baisil, olive oil, tomato, garlic) and parmesan cheese. Gosh, so good! I also enjoyed two thin peieces of garlic bread pre-meal. I didn’t drink this evening as I was driving 4 friends.

Pismo Meetup

Such a fun night! Here’s a little snapshot of our group.


Weekly Eats - 23 of 32

Saturday morning started out with sleeping in, having a slow morning with my coffee, and then doing a little leisurely cleaning around the house. I’m one of those people who cleans to relax. Ha!

Lunch – didn’t have breakfast on Saturday, because I just never felt hungry, plus I was busy flipping over couches and mopping. Ha! Lunch was leftover pasta from the night before. Sooo good as leftovers!

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Mid-day snack – at about 1:30 Marco left for work, and I left for a date with myself. I had a few errands to run and presents to buy. So, I made myself a cool smoothie to-go to sip while I was running around. This smoothie had: milk, banana, raw cacao and PB. SO good on a hot day.

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At 5:00 I had girlfriends over for a movie night. This was so much fun. And Dominique surprised me with these flowers! So nice! Still in full blossom on my dining room table 🙂

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For movie night, each girl brought something to share (fruit & wine) and I made popcorn with olive oil & sea-salt. We watched “The Best of Me.” Have you seen it? I’ve seen it THREE times. I love it!

After movie night, the girls asked about mine and Marco’s story (really need to update this story!), which I was so excited to share. I always feel so thankful when I share this story. Thankful that I’m married to my best friend. When we were in High School, I never thought this would be true!

Weekly Eats - 27 of 32

Once the girls left, I cleaned up the house, climbed in my PJ’s, and made a little bit of dinner for the hubby & I. This was super late, like 10:30. Marco had called on his way home from work asking if I’d make him some mini taco’s (frozen, from TJ’s).

Dinner – I had my leftover greens while Marco enjoyed his tacos. So warming and good.


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You guys. Saturday night Marco and I decided we’d have church at home on Sunday. We’d listen to a Podcast from our church in Ventura. So, I slept in. I could hardly believe when I rolled over and looked the clock and saw 10:00 AM. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

Breakfast – I rolled out of bed, turned on my coffee, and made us a breakfast panini to split again. Ah, such a good breakfast! And, believe it or not, I’m also itching for an other than egg breakfast this week.

So, on my grocery list, which I’m sharing on the blog tomorrow, I’ve put an alternative!

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Last week while we were at Target, Marco picked up a box of Pepsi and I picked up a box of La Croix. Ever since, my boy has hardly touched his Pepsi and has been ALL OVER this La Croix. So, while I was at Target over the weekend I bought two more boxes.

Have you had it? SO good! Just sparkling water with natural flavoring. No sugar, no sweetener. So far, our favorite flavors are mango and apricot. You can actually see all of the flavors and order them on Amazon here.

Just a note, I would not recommend that you replace your regular drinking water with La Croix. Rather, add it in WITH the water you drink. It’s still so so so great for you to continue to drink pure water.

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Lunch – was veggie burgers (Dr. Praeger’s patties) with tomato, romaine, cheddar, and blue cheese. So yummy! We had these on honey wheat buns.

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Mid-day Marco and I walked around town and on our walk headed up to the grocery store to buy caesar salad. We knew we were having pizza for dinner and wanted caesar on the side. So good! Current craving for both of us.

While we were at the grocery store Marco got an ice cream at Rite Aid. Such good ice cream there, right? I would’ve gotten my own, but they didn’t have PB & chocolate like I was craving. So, on our walk home I had a couple bites of M’s and then made my own petite treat.

Petite treat – a row of dark chocolate with PB. Hit the spot!

Weekly Eats - 32 of 32

Dinner – was pizza from Trader Joe’s and caesar salad. So good! I can’t remember the name of this pizza. It’s a frozen one from TJ’s. I really need to find out though because you guys… This is such a good one! It has bell peppers, pepperoni, sausage, and other goodies. It’s amazing!

Alrighty, well, that’s it for my eats last week! This week I thought it would be fun to share my grocery list, meal plan, and inspiration photos I used to create my meal plan. I’ll be sharing that with you girls on the blog tomorrow! And then Thursday and Friday I promise to share daily eats.

See how I meal plan while eating intuitively here



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