The THIRD Annual Self-Love Summer Challenge Is Here!


It’s here! I’ve been excitedly waiting all week to share this with you! My friend Abby and I recently opened the doors for the Self-Love Summer Challenge!

Abby and I and our whole Self-Love Summer community loved it so much the past two years that we decided to go for it again this summer! It just keeps getting better!

What Is Self-Love Summer?

Self-Love Summer is a 13-week challenge and community created for a group of women who want to, together, reject the idea that we need to get “bikini ready” and pressure ourselves into dieting and focusing so much on our bodies just because it’s summer.

Instead, together, we’re going to focus on feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’re going to focus on taking care of ourselves in ways that feel calm, rewarding, and empowering. We’ll focus more on SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE and less on self-control and things that feel yucky and restrictive.

We’ll get to feel good WITHOUT feeling limited and deprived and worried about whether or not we’ll “stick to it.” Our summer challenge will guide and reach you HOW to act in a way that will allow you to feel BETTER.

Abby and Paige Self Love Summer Challenge

Abby and I, your Self-Love Summer coaches will walk with you through 13-topics one week at a time with a new “Self-Love Step” to practice.

The 13-topics we will dive deeper into include:

  1. Defining & creating (your ideal summer!)
  2. Joy (and how to create more of it!)
  3. Comparison traps (and how to avoid them altogether!)
  4. Unrealistic expectations (and how to get real with yourselves) 
  5. Fun with food (who doesn’t want this!)
  6. Unexpected events (and how to set yourself up to go with the flow more)
  7. Self-control trap (and how to focus more on self-love)
  8. Dining out, BBQ’s, & parties (and how to enjoy them without guilt!)
  9. Positive body image (and how to create more of it!)
  10. Hunger cue’s (and how to listen to them & honor them with less stress)
  11. Pleasure & excitement (and how to invite more of each into our lives)
  12. Personal journeys (and how we can all relate!)
  13. Giving yourself credit (and appreciating all of the beautiful growth you’ve experienced in Self-Love Summer!)

We carefully hand crafted each topic, based on the top challenges we’ve see women face during the summer. Recently, we’ve been hearing a whole lot of:

“Women are talking bikini-body everything, everywhere. How do I work on accepting myself, and also wanting to feel my best without giving into all of these diets everyone around me is doing?”

We designed these 13-topics to guide you, step-by-step, through the necessary stages of getting more present and mindful so that you can enjoy your favorite things in moderation without feeling limited, distracted, or deprived AND feel great in your body.

You will also get two live group coaching calls with Abby, myself, and the rest of the Self-Love Summer community.

You will connect with you community through our private Facebook page, which is full of women supporting one another, rooting each other on, and relating – one of the greatest comforts in life is knowing we’re not alone. We’re working on loving ourselves more this summer one day, one step at a time.

This summer, do you want to…

  • Play and have fun effortlessly?
  • Eat when you’re hungry, honor your body, and feel the benefits of taking good care of yourself?
  • Free your mind of the constant food (“what will I eat next?”) and diet (“how will I lose weight?”) obsession?
  • Go out with your friends, enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, and feel good in your body, too?
  • Speak kindly to yourself and create a more positive and honoring body image?
  • Let food become a pleasurable PART of your life, instead of being your WHOLE life?

We’ve asked ourselves these same questions, and what we’ve decided is that summer is supposed to have an “easy, light-hearted, and fun” feel to it! We want this for ourselves, and we want this for you.

Abby and I are challenging YOU to imagine a summer free from overeating and the negative diet-trap-cycle. Imagine a summer where you’re eating mindfully, listening to your body, and are truly engaged in the all of the fun activities around you. Imagine a summer where you’re satisfied.

What is it worth to you to have a summer full of fun, balance, and moderation? Do you believe you can have both (feeling great in your body and getting to enjoy all of the things summer has to offer)?

We believe you can have both and more, and wish we would have been told this years ago! If you believe it too, make a statement and join the rest of us.

Join the Self-Love Summer Challenge now

Self Love Summer Challenge

What You’re Saying Now:

“Thank you Abby and Paige! I am so excited to begin. I joined the Facebook group last night and already feel so excited to start!”

“I am so excited to be in Self-Love Summer! Thanks so much for hosting this! I’m already feeling more empowered just from making the leap!”

Love Notes from Last Year:

“I am so much more content! I enjoy eating out, trying new foods and activities, and am no longer stuck in the vicious cycle of bingeing/restricting. Joining Self-Love Summer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“You girls don’t know how much you’ve helped me. I feel as balanced with food as I’ll ever be! After a couple months of practicing the Self-Love Steps and encouragement in Self-Love Summer, I feel good in my relationship with food. Thank you so so so much!”

“I can’t begin to explain the burden and weight that has been lifted since I’ve incorporated the Self-Love Summer lessons and Self-Love Steps into my daily routine. I feel free!”

“I am energized and ecstatic about the change in my life, and feel so very thankful for Paige, Abby, and the entire Self-Love Summer community. I feel positive that I am on the right track, and more optimistic than ever to continue.”

The Last Two Years, What You Loved:

With the community, you knew you were not alone in your struggles. You were all able to jump online each day, support one another, answer each others questions, and hold each other accountable to being the best you could to yourselves.

With each weekly challenge, Abby and I saw all of you asking questions, getting support, and making huge changes to your mindsets over just a few months. It was incredible to see. We truly loved being with you, and can’t wait to do it again!

We, your coaches, cannot wait to connect with you, get to know each of you are personally. We love that you girls are excited for a community of like minded women, and to gear your minds toward a more positive summer overall.

Again, the purpose of Self-Love Summer is to support you in ENJOYING this summer and taking the pressure OFF your body so that you can open yourself up to truly taking care of yourself in ways that feel mindful and satisfying while letting go of anything that feels all-consuming, draining, and distracting.

We cannot WAIT to hangout with you! Head on over to the Self-Love Summer Challenge and see everything you get when you join us!

If you have questions, ask below or email us directly at  🍍🍍🍍

Welcome to your best summer yet!

Join the Self-Love Summer Challenge community


P.S. If you want a spot in SLS, don’t delay (get your girlfriends on board, and jump in!). We’re so excited that you’re rolling in already! Here’s the link to join us!

Love, Paige

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