Well THAT Was Spontaneous…

Hey everyone! How are ya?

spontaneous roadtrip

I’ve got a little story about this weekend for you… but first, I want to check in with you on how the first day of SLS went (yesterday!).

Day ONE was AWESOME. We sent out our first email, which was all about defining and setting ourselves up to step into our ideal summers. Our group is on FIRE right now. It’s so fun to be apart of!


A quick note, we have noticed girls continuing to join yesterday & today. If you feel like “man, I wish I would have joined!” that’s totally fine. Jump on in at www.selflovesummerchallenge.com, sign-up, and join our FB group. Once you’re in, send us a quick email at selflovesummer@gmail.com and ask for the first SLS email “Define & Create” and the recording, and Abby & I would be more than happy to send it to you.

We also had our first of three SLS phone calls, where we answered questions with our group, had time for Q+A, and went over the structure of Self-Love Summer. We got questions like:

  • how to be okay with taking an off day from exercise
  • how often is the right amount to use a scale (if at all)
  • how to stop eating before you get to that guilty stuffed point
  • ….etc….

After our Self-Love Summer call, my Husband walks into my office and say’s…

“Hey, do you want to ride back to Ventura with Stephen (our friend who stayed with us for the weekend), have a pool day, and then take the train back home tomorrow?”

“Sure!” I said…

“Okay, well pack up and bag and let’s head out!”

This was so spontaneous and so fun. We drove home to Ventura, the three of us, in the front of Stephen’s little truck listening to country, driving down the 101 coast (if you didn’t know, I’m from California, living in San Luis Obispo, and from Ventura). It was a blast. We spent the rest of the day in Ventura by the pool, got lunch at Subway, and then hung out with friends at night… Super calm, relaxing, and fun… when that group of guys gets together they can talk for days…

After yesterday, it’s REALLY feeling like summer to me, even though summer technically isn’t until June 21st… Who cares about the numbers anyway, right?!

Marco and I will be taking the train back home together tonight, something we haven’t done before. Fun, right?

It feels so great to let loose a bit, have a little fun, shake up the plans… I’m all about saying “no” when you need to, but man… to things like this, saying “yes” feels SO fun…

I wanted to jump on the blog today, casually check-in with you all, say hi, and share a little story of what we’re doing…

Thank you for being here and hanging with me 🙂

Now, back to my coffee, getting some work done from Ventura, and then I’m off to shower and hangout for the day before our train leaves. We’ve got lunch with my Mama planned. Yay!

Have you done anything spontaneous lately? If yes, I want to hear 🙂 If not, tell me, will you?


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