We’re Engaged!

Previously, on the blog, I had told you all that some very exciting news was coming in the future! Well, Marco and I had started talking Marriage. It wasn’t long after, that we started looking at rings together. That being said….

I am now a proud Fiancé!

Marco asked me to marry him (!!!) on Thanksgiving!



The proud couple the day after 🙂

It’s been so fun introducing him to people as my “Fiancé”

I’m still trying to get it down! “This is my boyfriend, wait no…! Fiancé!”


The most perfect ring I could ever ask for. There are so many special things about it 🙂

Marco proposed to me on the beach late at night. The spot he chose is a very special place to him. It was the most awesome thing to see the man I love, my best friend of 6 years, and my future husband get down on one knee.

And before anyone else asks: no, I didn’t cry. I more like screamed, said YES! and tackled him!


This is us at my cousin Bella’s first Birthday Party yesterday.

Me, my cousin Haley pretending to be engaged, Marco, and my cousin Holly, who is happily married and expecting her second 🙂 My hand is around Marco’s neck.


It’s only been a few days, and it has already been sooo fun! So many people have been sharing their love and congratulating us.

We haven’t set a date, but just know that you will all be very informed along the way! Next thing on the “to-do list” is create guest list. I’m biting my lip, wondering how I am going to do this. My family is huge! How do we do it right?!

I can’t wait to be Mrs. Schmidt!

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