We’re Headed to Catalina!

Hello everyone!


I will be on vacation from June 21 through June 28. While I’m away, on the Island of Catlina, I wanted to leave you a list of favorites on Healthy Hits the Spot. Two things I am beyond grateful for this morning: (1) YOU and all of your love and gratitude around here – it means the world to me and (2) for my first non-work vacation with my Husband since our Honeymoon.

These posts have been handpicked just for YOU with the help of my intern who is a long time HHS reader and previous client of mine!


Favorites in: Intuitive Eating

  1. You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods and Be Healthy, Too!
  2. My Solution to Binge Eating
  3. How I Started the Process of Intuitive Eating and the Challenges I Faced
  4. How I Let Go of Calorie Counting
  5. How I Sometimes Fail at Intuitive Eating

Favorites in: Body Image

  1. It’s Not About Being Thin
  2. I’d Tell My Younger Self
  3. On Loving Yourself
  4. This Has Made Me Love My Body More
  5. New Years Resolutions, A New Way

Favorites in: Recipes

  1. Chicken Adobo
  2. My Favorite Cheap & Fast Weeknight Dinner Recipe
  3. Peach Vodka Soda
  4. Breakfast B.L.A.T.
  5. Vegetarian Chili

Favorites in: Meal Prep/Packing for Work

  1. How to Pack for Long Workdays
  2. Inside My Fridge and Cupboards
  3. Meal Planning While Being Intuitive

Favorites in: Trusting Yourself and Gratitude

  1. Trusting Your Body
  2. A Sweet Reminder From My Dreams
  3. So, You’re at Your Eightieth Birthday… Will You Enjoy Your Cake?
  4. Life in a Purse
  5. What I Realized in New York City

Favorites in: Budgeting/Organization

  1. How to: Start Budgeting
  2. How to: Budget for Your Wedding
  3. How to: Stay Healthy While Living On Your Own [& Supporting Yourself!]
  4. How to: Be a More Organized Morning Person

Favorites in: Resources

  1. Free Handouts
  2. My eBook, Finding Balance
  3. My Services
  4. Amazing Testimonials
  5. The Health Coaching Binder

…& just for fun, here’s the last time we went to Catalina (summer 2013).

I would love to have you follow me and stay connected while I’m away. The very best ways to do that are to ‘Like’ my Facebook Page &/or to ‘follow’ me on instagram @healthyhitsthespot.

Thank you so much for following HHS. I’m so grateful for you!

Leave a comment: what posts are you looking forward to when I return? Tell me and I’ll make it happen!  

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P.S. I’ll have one super quick (they go fast!) opening for Health Coaching upon my return. If you or someone you love is interested, schedule a Step Into Your Transformation Consultation (availability begins July 9th).

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