We’re Home! We Had A Wonderful Time In Ventura…

Ah, good morning ladies! I’m so happy to be back with you today, and can’t wait to chat with you about our trip to Ventura. We had such a great time visiting with our family and friends. AND, I’m happy to report that I was also excited to come home and see my SLO friends as the trip came to an end. This is such an improvement from previous trips home, where I’d be so sad leaving. I think “SLO town,” as Marco’s grandpa calls it, is becoming our true HOME!

This morning started off with unpacking, getting the house back together, and running to the grocery store. Basically, setting up for today and the next two days that I’m home. Then I’m Ventura bound once more for a wedding, but this time only for a day.

So many of my clients travel, just like I do (thankfully I don’t have to do much flying) and we often find ourselves talking about what to do after a trip to feel settled again. Over the years I’ve found that I feel the most JOY when I get situated as soon as possible after a trip. So, this trip looked like emptying out the car last night, and planning to wake up and put everything away first thing this morning. Normally, if we get home during daylight, we’ll put everything away right when we’re home. What I love about this is that it actually only takes less than 30 minutes when you work together, and then you’re DONE. You have nothing else to worry about.

So, this morning I woke up, unpacked, took out the trash, etc… All so I could feel settled. I then went to the grocery store, and picked up a few things for the next few days.

Trip to Ventura - 1 of 7

When I got home I made breakfast, prayed with Marco, and then sent him off to work. Now, I’m at my desk chatting with all of you, and then I plan to update our budget (plug in receipts from our trip), hit the post office, and then start a full day of meeting with clients. I’ll also find some time to study within, as Simi and I just started a new training for coaches (yeah!).

^^ Breakfast – fruit bowl, tea, and half an english muffin with pumpkin cream cheese << YOU GUYS. Trader Joe’s! Try it!!

Trip to Ventura - 2 of 7

By the way… Something very WEIRD is happening. I haven’t had my AM fully caffeinated coffee in 4 weeks. For some reason, it just hasn’t sounded good! When I was sick several weeks back, I lost my appetite for it and haven’t wanted it since. I’m still in disbelief, but am sure it will return… I’ve been enjoying English Breakfast tea in the mornings with a spoonful of coconut cream (canned, from Trader Joe’s). Love it!

Here are some photos of what we ate while in Ventura, since there always yummy food at my parents house!

Trip to Ventura - 3 of 7

Gosh, the lighting is so good in my parents backyard. Can I have this lighting for photos always? This was beans, rice,  and chicken villa topped with onions, avocado, salsa, and a little cheddar cheese. Mmm mmm GOOD!

Trip to Ventura - 4 of 7

Simple bean, rice, and cheese burrito

Trip to Ventura - 5 of 7

A good amount of fruit salad, leftover from Aubrey’s bridal shower (I brought fruit salad and mimosas)

Trip to Ventura - 7 of 7

Kale and romaine salads packed with veggies for me and dad

Trip to Ventura - 6 of 7

Trail mix with chocolate for a snack one day…

We also ate out a few times and enjoyed: fish tacos, chicken villa from Yolanda’s (I have leftovers for today, yay!), and Two Tree’s Cafe for breakfast with the family where I ordered a chicken, broccoli, and avocado omelette, fruit, and a few bites biscuits and gravy (yum!). Overall, it was a delicious and fun weekend.
Oh, and yesterday I was featured in this months Inspired COACH Magazine! Check it out and feel free to share it with your friends or any coaches you may know (helpful for both coaches and all of my readers)! I wrote an article called “How to Help Your Clients Stop Dieting.” It’s on page 52.

Inspired Coach Paige Schmidt

Inspired Coach Paige Schmidt 2Inspired Coach Paige Schmidt 3

I hope you all have a beautiful day! I’m off to do all the days duties and then I’ll be ending the night hanging out with one of my SLO friends at her house for dinner. I’ll see ya back here tomorrow? See ya then!



Love, Paige

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