We’re Moving to San Luis Obispo!

If you haven’t yet heard, Marco and I are moving to SLO! We’ve been traveling there since June. He’s been applying for a job this whole time & he got it!

Well, if you read yesterdays post, you know that we put in an application to an apartment that we loved.

Well, guess what?! We got it!

So, we’re moving the 21, 22, and 23 of this month! That’s 16 days from today. Crazy! I’m already in organizing/sorting mode!

eggs and toast

 Yesterday morning started off with eggs & toast

business license

After breakfast, I wrote birthday thank you cards, sent them out, and headed out to change my name for all things Healthy Hits the Spot.

I think my name change is finally complete. I may have a few things here and there, but those I can change over time 🙂

talking with husband

While I was out I stopped by my Mom & Dads and made a quick salad and visited for a bit. When I got home, I woke Marco and we had lunch together while I shared a million things with him!

1. the video my HHC girls made me < watch it here! < (he thought that was just about the coolest thing ever!)

2. that we got the apartment!

3. the move-in date (we get the keys the 10th, but are moving the 21/ 22/23 so we can soak up our last days in Ventura!)

4. everything that I had organized — let’s just say I jammed our shredder 😉

This was so fun to talk about. I love having dates, knowing when things are happening, and making a plan! Ever since June I’ve been waiting to make this plan!

healthy lunch

Here’s a close up of lunch 🙂 Brown rice, chicken, peas, avocado, and sriracha!

green smoothie paiges favorite

Around 5:00 I made a green smoothie to get me through the rest of the work day. I knew dinner wouldn’t be until about 8:00.

hardshell tacos at home

Dinner was de-friggin-licious homemade tacos with rice and beans. Yum! So good. I love making the hardshell tortillas myself with grapeseed oil in a pan.

Alrighty, that’s it for today! I’ll see y’all back here tomorrow!

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