What Are You Waiting For

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?

What outcome have you not yet achieved?

What are you telling yourself will be possible once you achieve that outcome?

Make a list of those things.

Are you allowing yourself to feel or experience those things now, in the process of getting there?

What are you putting on pause?

Is the pause necessary?

Often we’ll convince ourselves that it is… that it’s necessary for the things we want to be on pause until we reach the outcome.

But what about the process?

Don’t they say it’s about the journey, not the destination?

What will we miss if we focus only on the outcome and not our process?

What if we could start to experience the good that we’re waiting for today.

Wouldn’t it allow us to keep going… to stay in the process longer, to get to the outcomes we so desire?

How much better could our processes be, if we allowed ourselves to find the enjoyment now, within them?

In The Growth Vault this week we’re focusing on the paradigm shift “If I’m not enough without the goal, I won’t be enough with it.”

We’re working on feeling good now.

Not waiting until some future date, when some future thing happens.

We’re loving ourselves where we’re at.

Need some help with embracing the process? Come join us.

What future thing are you waiting for? What do you believe you will get to experience once that outcome is reached, that you can’t experience now?

What will you give yourself permission to start experiencing now?

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Love, Paige

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