What Are Your Filling Your Container With?

Good morning everyone!


Today I want to talk about something that is on my heart.

Your container.

This is a new perspective, a new way, of looking at your body that I want to give to you.

Think of yourself as a tool that the world needs. Yes, the world needs you.

Your service to the world is important, and your being in the world is important.

I love this visual, of imagining my body as a container. When I heard this, from Gabrielle Bernstein, I immediately imagined a container I have in my own kitchen. It’s a tall, see-through container, with a blue lid.

When I believe that I am of service to the world, I desire to give my very best. This means that I have to be conscious of what I am filling my container with: my thoughts, my beliefs, my food, my actions, my words, my bitterness, any negativity, etc.

I have to ask myself what I want in my container, and then I have to be imagine what that container would look like.

For me, I would want my container to look like this:

  1. full of love
  2. clean
  3. full of kind words
  4. cleaned out of any bitterness
  5. full of forgiveness
  6. full of healthy, vibrant foods
  7. cleaned out of anything that doesn’t serve me, or the world around me
  8. filled with foods, thoughts/beliefs, and actions that give me energy, a flow, and happiness
  9. empty of things that drain me, exhaust me, and make me feel heavy
  10. full of gratitude, generosity, a willingness to help, honesty, and service
  11. listening ears, an openness to receive, and empathy to hear others
  12. a non-judgemental filter right at the opening
  13. I would want my container to overflow with good

Sometimes, I feel like my container looks more like this:

  1. happiness
  2. bitterness
  3. sensitivity
  4. defensiveness
  5. heaviness
  6. a listening ear
  7. service
  8. patience
  9. impatience
  10. irritability
  11. anxiety
  12. fear
  13. love
  14. inspiration
  15. excitability
  16. healthy foods
  17. foods that don’t serve me
  18. motivation
  19. exhaustion
  20. impulsiveness
  21. productivity
  22. spirituality
  23. self-love
  24. self-judgement
  25. love for others
  26. a limit on love of others

I could go on and on… I know, some of that seems negative, and it is, but I am only being real. That container, at times, can feel really messy. It can feel up and down, as you can probably imagine.

The good news is looking at the container which I would like to have is possible for me, and possible for you. Of course, it won’t always be perfect – but you can constantly correct it. Happiness and love are choices. We choose our thoughts, we choose our actions, and we choose our beliefs about ourselves, others, God, the world around us, etc. We choose to be open, or we choose to shut down, and put up walls.

From my first list, I know the things in my life that create a well-filled container:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Daily Quiet time
  3. Prayer
  4. Reflection
  5. Choosing love
  6. Deciding to let go of fear
  7. Eating more vibrant foods
  8. Consuming less meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol
  9. Journaling
  10. Doing things for others
  11. Choosing to be helpful
  12. Choosing to listen
  13. Having a non-judgemental filter
  14. Exercising to enhance my mood and creativity
  15. Reading
  16. Having someone to look up to
  17. Expressing myself
  18. Accepting myself
  19. Allowing myself to be real
  20. Allowing myself to feel sad
  21. Moving forward
  22. Being conscientious of myself, and others
  23. Filling my life with things I enjoy
  24. Talking to others, and really learning about them
  25. Being selective of what I choose to fill my mind with
  26. Being grateful for my body
  27. Being grateful that I can choose what I keep in my container
  28. Being grateful that I can let go of things that drain me
  29. Being grateful that I can choose to express love in any area of my life
  30. Being grateful that I can choose which thoughts I can accept
  31. Spending time with the people I love

What will you fill your container with? When you visualize your container, what does it look like? What does it currently have inside of it? What would you like it to have? What things can you do to create a well-filled container?

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I hope that this post speaks to at least one of you, because if it does, then I have done what I came to do ♡

Daily eats are coming this week, I have had other things on my heart the past couple of days.

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