What do you do when you have a day for yourself?

Happy Sunday everyone! Let me catch you up on my weekend. It’s been sweet, and eventful!

Friday morning I took a little drive to Santa Barbara to take my broken camera to repair (hence the lack of daily food photos)

I had such a relaxing, nice morning. It was like a little 3-hour mini vacation 100% for me!

I walked over to Sur La Table, one of my favorite shops in SB, for kitchen supplies (thanks for introducing me, Miss Linda)

I picked up a gift for my Mom while I was there, just for fun

I got her one of those AMAZING milk frothers. I have to take a little video and show you guys how awesome it is! It’s a perfect little Latte at home! Should I go buy my vanilla powder from Coffee Bean? That might be bad….

After Santa Barbara I met my friend Tauna for lunch at Urbane Cafe. I got soup & salad. I can never go there on a Friday and not get the Artichoke Bisque soup… it’s just the best!

Later that evening, I went to hangout/babysitt my sweet Chloepie. She was having a ton of fun running around with a Trader Joes bag on her head!

There she is!

O! There she is again! Haha, as I’m posting this she’s looking at the pictures. I’m watching her again this Sunday morning. She LOVES watching me post pictures, especially when they’re of her!

” zmhhhhh  hjfdcbhjhfva” – Chloe

I asked her to type something to you all. So, there it is!

This was on our long walk on Friday, which we are about to repeat this morning!

She’s the little bundle of joy in my life. I swear, she makes everything seem just right.

Love, Paige

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