What Does Fear Sound Like?

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about what fear sounds like, how fear holds us back, and how to spot fear when it is showing up in your own life.

In Aligned Coaching, my clients are currently working through a course called Unafraid. Unafraid came about as I was coaching women to step into the version of themselves they wanted to become, but felt that fear was holding them back from achieving it.

Moving forward and going through change can be scary because we’re pushing ourselves past our comfort zone. There is a reason we might feel stuck, even though we can clearly see who we want to become or what we want.

What Does Fear Sound Like?

Fear will tell you that you are crazy, that you don’t actually want what you think you want.

Fear will tell you how things currently are look good on paper, so there is no need to change.

Fear will make you question why you are choosing to go after something.

Fear might sound like – “what will other people think?”. What would others say?

In times like these, I remind myself that I am the only one who gets to be in charge of my own life. This is very permission giving. I’m the only one who can make decisions for me and make things happen for me. I’m getting very intentional with what I want to do and making it happen.

Fear might also sound like, “is this weird?”. Sooo many of my clients tell me that what they desire sounds weird. It’s okay to want what you want because it’s fun, or to want something for no reason. It’s okay! Have fun with it!

Fear is a very normal part of the process, but we also have to move through it to achieve what we’ve wanted. We move beyond the fear and make you feel that much happier when you’ve achieved what it is you went after. To move through the fear, I open my calendar and plug in action items working backwards from my “goal” date to today’s date. Notice the fear and know that it will pass.

Next Steps

So, If you LOVE this episode, you will LOVE joining us in Aligned Coaching for our current course, Unafraid. We just started this week–you haven’t missed a step. Join us here.

Here’s a few examples of what the women in Aligned are working toward right now in Unafraid. I asked them “Who would you be if you were Unafraid?”

  • I would stop believing the lie that when I have more time, I’ll take better care of myself. I’d start prioritizing my self-care and feeling good now.
  • I would allow myself to pivot–to make changes, big or small. I’d let go of living in survival mode and I’d feel calm in the chaos of being a mom of two young kids.
  • I would consistently show up as my best self and not shrink back, especially around the people I love who have different views than I do.

I love these examples. Whether you want to say YES to something big–like starting your own business–or you want to be a woman who feels daily CALM amongst the natural chaos life can bring… Unafraid is for you.

It’s a place for you to turn down the volume of fear, panic, and survival mode… to connect with who you want to be… and then to become her… to turn up the daily volume of calm, connection, flow…

Join us now in Aligned Coaching for week ONE.

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