What Does Unconditional Permission to Eat Really Mean?

What does unconditional permission to eat really mean?Last week I talked about why diets don’t work and shared the first step to breaking up with them.

If you joined us in Finally Free Program and decided to walk away from diets, what was that like for you? Did you feel liberated? A little scared? Excited? Overwhelmed? All of these feelings are totally NORMAL.

Today I want to talk about the next step on this journey toward food freedom – giving yourself unconditional permission to eat.

It can be really hard to know what to eat, right? Diets are EVERYWHERE. You can’t open a magazine, read a website, hear about a celebrity, or flip through social media without seeing at least one message about a new diet.

The problem is, every single diet tells you something different! One diet tells you to shun animal protein while the other tells you that steak is your new BFF. One diet has you counting calories while the other has you counting hours between meals. One diets praises whole grains while the next preaches carbs are the devil. How are you supposed to know what to eat?

The short answer is, you already know. Your body knows exactly what she wants and needs, you just have to learn how to listen.

Your body was designed to survive and THRIVE. Your body doesn’t want to be sick, unhappy, or imbalanced. She actually wants the opposite – she wants vibrant health. This is the ultimate goal.

According to one of the founders of the Intuitive Eating movement, Evelyn Tribole, “One of the biggest misconceptions is that, without a structured diet, people will start to be unhealthy. But if you look at the research, it’s clear that intuitive eaters have higher self-esteem, higher well-being, and they also tend to have lower body mass indexes. They eat a variety of foods, they have more trust in their bodies—it’s really rather lovely all of the good that comes out of this.”

So what does unconditional permission to eat really mean?

Simi and I teach you exactly this in depth in Finally Free Program (session #2) and for today, I’ll touch a bit on what it’s meant for me and what it means for my clients.


Along with learning to do this in a way that leaves you feeling good (we teach you this), you discover the foods you DO actually like. The foods you DON’T actually like. You crowd out unnecessary cravings and you trust that your body knows exactly what she needs.

When you crave a breakfast of all fat/protein (think: eggs with cheese, bacon, avocado and salsa) you have it. When you crave a breakfast of all carbs (think: oatmeal with banana, raisins and maple syrup) you have it. When you want to order nachos for dinner, you do it.

You start to do things like: savoring your food, sharing bites with others (I would have NEVER DONE THIS when I was calorie counting without feeling upset) and most of all you begin to ENJOY food again. It becomes a fun life pleasure, but not your ONLY pleasure.

Choosing a restaurant becomes more fun. Leaving reviews starts to feel experimental and positive. Your inner food critic lights up and food becomes something to discover instead of fear. Cooking becomes a bit more joyful (even if you still keep it simple!).

Your body thanks you as you’re finally giving her the nutrients she needs. In my experience, I began to have regular periods, crave regular movement, sleep better, build muscle, stabilize at a healthy weight, and my mood became lightyears better.

As I started to pay attention to what my body needed, I began to pay more attention to what I WANTED. I started to go after the things in life that I wanted. I became overall happier, more courageous, and stepped more fully into my power. Anxiety reduced!

Ultimately, giving yourself unconditional permission to eat means you’re stripping away the rules. You’re finally trusting your body to guide you. You’re asking her if she’s hungry, what she wants to eat, and you’re honoring her by making your food experiences meaningful and mindful.

If you want a burger, you order it. If you want a vanilla latte, you enjoy it. If you want dessert, you enjoy it, one bit at a time. If your friends ask you out, you make the choice to go or stay home because it’s what you WANT to do (vs. what you “SHOULD” do).

I want to give you all the tools and support you need to ditch dieting and build a healthy, loving relationship with your body – once and for all. We’re doing that here.

P.S. What do you think? Daily eats this Thursday? Leave a comment below if that’s a YES!

Love, Paige

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