What healthy books have you read?

So, I think my “healthy reading” bookself is seriously lacking. I need your help guys! What are some of your favorite health books? I want more about eating REAL food.

This gets smaller and smaller everytime I look at it… haha! Let me describe a few favorites to you!

This one is about body image, and really helped me to see that I was perfectly loved and accepted just as I am. I personally loved this book, and it really helped to come to the mindset that I now have.

This book is a fun read! It’s very hands on, and gives you DIRECT tips on how to be “naturally thin.” It’s more about mindset, and it’s a pretty fun read. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t talk about nutrition, but more about eating less, and being calm about food, this is it. She talks a LITTLE about nutrition, but is very realistic in the sense that she knows we ALL eat the ‘junk’ from time to time. Bethenny Frankel is the creater of all those “Skinny Girl” alcoholic beverages you’ve been seeing at the grocery store.

Now this one is fabulous! This is definitely about eating healthy, whole foods. This lady talks about health issues, gives you ways to check YOURSELF just how healthy you are. She even says you can see your own health just by looking at your tongue. She’s kinda like having my Naturopath right there on my book shelf. Love this book!

This one is from the Author of the food blog Carrots ‘N’ Cake. She has really inspired me in the blogging area with this book. Now, Eating Bird Food is the first food blog I ever came across, and she is who first inspired me. But this book just took it to another level for me. It was kind of like a “blog in a book.” If you want to start your own food blog, this would be a good one to read!

Now this one… I haven’t read it! What am I thinking?! This is supposed to be such a good book! I read a little bit of it but never kept going! This book was a gift from my Brother and his Girlfriend, and I was SO excited when they got it for me. Why I haven’t read it? I don’t have an answer for  that. When am I going to start reading it? TODAY! I’m making it a point to read this awesomely reviewed book, starting right now.

This is a book I used as I reference guide when I was eating Vegetarian, and I actually don’t remember it that much. Haha! Oops! I’m sure it was good if you want to become a vegetarian though…

This book was on sale at Barnes and Nobles when I bought it, and it has some AWESOME pictures! I’m actually going to pull this one out today and maybe make something from it (within the next couple weeks). I’m totally not a recipe person, but maybe I can become more of one… hehe…

Now, tell me some of your favorite books! Or, tell me ones that you have heard of! I want to hear it all!

Love to you all. Have a happy Friday! I’ll be around the blog this weekend. It’s like my “FREE-TIME FUN!”

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