What I Ate On Sunday + Updates for YOU!

Good morning beauties! Did you enjoy your weekend? What was the weather like? It was so buuuuurrrrr-fa-reeeeezing cold here… at least it was to me! Let’s not forget, I’m a bit wimpy when it comes to the cold 🙂

ipad and coffee sunday morning

Sunday morning started off with coffee & my iPad. Which means, Pinterest, blog reading, and meal planning. I woke up with Marco at 4:30(am) as he had to get ready for work. I made him breakfast, helped him get his things together, and then sent him off around 5:30. Then, I had my Sunday morning quiet-time, which is doing basically whatever-in-the-world sounds fun 🙂 So, iPad & coffee it was.

ipad grocery list maker

I use the Reminders app. in my iPad and iPhone to make my meal plan & grocery list. As you can see, I also share both lists with Marco. For our meals, he can see what I’m planning to make for the week, and for the groceries, he can stop and get groceries if I’m too busy (I love my Trader Joe’s when I can). I love the convenience of these lists. If you do this, just make sure all lists are in Sync before anyone leaves for shopping (lesson learned).

eggs on toast

I had two eggs on toast for breakfast around 7:00.


After breakfast I got dressed and took an #ootd pic for y’all since you girls requested it 🙂

chocolate chip clif bar

Before leaving the house I made a cup o’ coffee and really wanted something to go with it. So I had a chocolate chip Clif bar for a mid-morning snack 🙂


I had some extra time before Church so I walked over to Barnes & Noble to read Dave Ramsey books. I love his wisdom, and I was in a total budgeting mood! As you all know, I love to budget and help others to budget too (I do this a bit in Health Coaching). This book has great tools! I learned so many new things just from the few minutes that I sat down with this book. I think it’s a buyer 🙂 It’s cheap on Amazon!


After B&N I picked up my friend Hannah and we went to Church at Mountain Brook together. It was so good, as always! Marco and I still love our Church back in Ventura so we’ve been listening to those Podcasts together each week, too 🙂

bagel sandwich for lunch

After Church I dropped Hannah off and stopped by the house to make some lunch. I had a toasted sprouted wheat bagel sandwich with a few chippies on the side. Turkey, havarti, spinach, onion, mayo, mustard, and S&P.

I finished lunch and then went Christmas shopping for most of the day. Guess what?! After I pick up ONE more thing today I can officially say I’m done. Christmas shopping felt easier this year! I’m so excited to spend time with my family next week 🙂 I also dropped by TJ’s and did our grocery shopping for the week. Sunday’s at TJ’s are crazy busy!

Who else has Christmas Shopping done? Who hasn’t started yet? I started last week! No shame here 🙂 

After Christmas shopping I came home, cleaned up, and went to the Gym. I finished around 6:00 and got home just before M to start dinner.

caesar salad with chicken and rice

Dinner was caesar salad with chicken and wild rice on the side. I gave M some of the chicken on my plate and enjoyed the rest. Yum! Today I’m making CrockPot Chicken Masala. Come back tomorrow to hear how it turns out! If it’s good, it was SO simple!

cookies and ice cream at home

After dinner M & I had dessert. I baked us each two small chocolate chip cookies and put a scoop of vanilla on top. So yummy! I think we’ll have a repeat tonight 🙂 I just use the little pre-made cookie dough balls from TJ’s. I think they’re the best (the ones right near the milk).

Before I leave you all, I would LOVE to update you on a couple things that are happening here on the blog!

(1) The Hottie’s Holiday Sur-THRIVE-al Guide is coming to your inbox THIS Friday! I can’t wait for you girls to have this – seriously! It’s so good! It was made specifically FOR YOU to benefit YOU during this Holiday Season. Holiday food can be overwhelming, I totally get that! BUT, what I want you to hear is that it doesn’t have to beSign-up here (it’s totally free)!

Holiday Sur-Thrive-al Guide

(note: if you get an error message you may already be signed-up)

(2) I’m doing a giveaway!


To enter:

(-) buy my eBook “Finding Balance”

(-) take a picture reading it

(-) post it on instagram and tag #ImFindingBalance

(-) ALL who tag this will be entered to win this giveaway, which is: two Kate Spade Planners (one says “Live It” and the other says “Love It” – cute, right?!) and the Intuitive Eating book that changed my life.

P.S. you girls each have a high chance of winning because this is such a small group included in the giveaway (it’s not the entire blog – only readers of Finding Balance!) Winner will be announced THIS Friday!

Before you leave: tell me your #1 favorite thing about this time of year 🙂 

See you all here tomorrow 🙂

xo, your coach


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