What I Did On A Day Spent With Myself

Good morning ladies 🙂 I hope you all slept well! Last night was a 10:45 bedtime kinda night. Any one who knows me knows that that’s late!

Marco started his new job on Sunday and is loving it. He’s working longer hours but less days, so on the days he does work my schedule shifts around so that we can see each other. I’m thankful for that flexibility!

eggs and toast breakfast

We had breakfast together at the start of the day. Eggs & sourdough toast 🙂

bello mundo almond milk cappuccino

After breakfast M left for work and I had the whole day from 10-10 to fill in a new city. It was intimidating at first, but ended up being so nice and really fulfilling. I worked from 10-6. Around 1 I left the house to get my legs moving and grab coffee. I walked to the post office, bank, CVS, and then Bello Mundo Cafe where I got a small almond milk cappuccino. They make their own almond milk there 🙂

gluten free meat sauce pasta

I didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday. I think I was just immersed in everything I was doing. I did stop to eat a bite around 3:00. I had a small bowl of leftover pasta that I’d made Sunday night. Yum was it good! Recipe coming to the blog Friday!

laundry day SLO

After lunch I did some more writing/work and then started laundry.

healthy hits the spots office

My desk while working away 🙂 I love my new office because it’s bright! Who else likes/needs bright rooms?

chicken salad for dinner

I was off work by about 6:00/6:30 and then made dinner. Since Marco was working until 10 (and was having dinner at work) I made myself something super simple (and stove-free): a chicken salad! This is salad had spring mix, feta cheese, mandarin oranges, homemade balsamic dressing, and chicken that I had already cooked earlier in the week with my crock pot. So yummy!

clUb 24 SLO

When I finished dinner it was about 7:00. I still had 3 hours until the Husband got home. So, I headed out for the Gym and Trader Joes. I loved being able to do these two things at night! Night time (it’s so dark out) is usually the time I would tend to feel lonely being in a new town, alone (yep, I’m extroverted!). So, getting out and doing these two things gave me something to do out of the house and I enjoyed being around people.

cookies pre-made trader joes

When I came home I baked the Husband cookies (don’t be fooled, they’re the pre-rolled-balls-of-dough from TJ’s) and packed him a great big lunch for the next day. Yea, I missed him 🙂 I enjoyed one cookie when he got home from work.

I was happy to see him when he got home, and also really happy to know that I love my new town. Being alone through the day turned out to be fun. The reason I even bring this up is because my whole life I’ve been able to fill my time with friends and family with the snap of a finger (not literally). My whole life I’ve only known living in Ventura, so that was easy to do. Here, I’m starting fresh and to be honest, it’s pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but it’s been so good for me. In just the couple of weeks that we’ve been here I’ve already seen Marco and I expand ourselves.

Remember the post I wrote on the Pro’s and Con’s of moving? I’m going to re-do that post sometime soon with my own answers since you were all generous enough to share your stories with me that day 🙂

I appreciate you all so much! I hope you’re signed-up to receive the Hottie’s Holiday Sur-THRIVE-al Guide on Dec. 19th! We (Simi & I) made it just for you!

P.S. before I go, those of you who still want to buy “Finding Balance” can do so here.

xo, your coach


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