What I Do When We Run Out of Groceries

Good morning friends!

eggs and corn tortillas

Yesterday’s breakfast was at 7:30 after I walked with my friend Aubrey. We had eggs, corn tortillas, and salsa. I’ve been loving this!

leftovers for lunch

Lunch was around 11:45 and was my leftover baked potato from the night before + salad. This time, I didn’t have Gelato first, and I was plenty hungry 😉 I actually chopped the baked tater and broccoli up and sautéed in all in a little bit of olive oil. It was heavenly! I’m so glad I didn’t eat it the night before when I was full!

trek mix

Around 3:00 I had this handful of Trek Mix from TJ’s + some plain chai tea while I was working.

banana and almond butter

Just before 5:30 I had a banana chopped up with almond butter. I knew I’d be working late until 7:00 and then still need to make dinner, so I wanted curb my hunger. This was perfect.

cabbage and vegetarian chili

Dinner, around 7:30 was shredded cabbage, vegetarian chili, and chopped onions. This was really yummy. It didn’t actually sound that good before I went to make it, but I made it anyway and it ended up being delicious.

So, I have a confession…

I sucked at groceries this week… which really sucks, because I was trying to give you all an example! Bam, the first week it didn’t work.

I totally under shopped, and now we’re in “what can we pull together today and tomorrow around the house?” THANKFULLY, Mom and Dad sent a text that said “stop by, we have a pizza and two burritos for you. HALLELUJAH!

Outside of their generosity though… we have to scrounge. So, what do I do when this happens? I spend 5 minutes taking inventory of foods we have left in the cupboards and fridge and put together a list of what I can make. Today I realized we can still make:

  1. Eggs and toast
  2. Toast with peanut butter and banana
  3. Peanut butter & jelly (on sourdough… hmm…??)
  4. Green Smoothies
  5. A salad
  6. Snacks: kiwi, banana, trek mix, pumpkin seeds

Pretty good, right? I don’t feel so hungry anymore after realizing this 😉 I’m trying not to go grocery shopping this weekend because we’re headed out on Vacation this Saturday! YIPPY! I love our weekend vacations!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll put the whole week together for you, and I’ll be adding in (to my surprise) how we’re going to use these “scrounge meals” to get us through 🙂

Who can relate to being a scrounger like me when you run out of groceries?


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