What If I Don’t Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating?

What If I Don't Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating?

Most women enter into intuitive eating having just come from years of dieting.

Many of these women have a desire to lose weight.

That’s why they’ve turned to dieting for so many years.

So let’s talk about what happens if you don’t lose weight with Intuitive Eating. What if you don’t lose the weight you’ve been trying so hard to lose through dieting?

1. Every person has a “natural set point” weight.

I refer to this as your “natural weight.” It’s not a SET number, but rather, a range that is completely normal to fluctuate in, without any extremes (most ‘diets’ fall into the ‘extreme’ category).

This natural weight can change over the years, as our bodies grow, develop, and change. The body that we had in high school or early 20s is not the body we’ll have in our 30s, 40s, etc.

Oftentimes, the vision we have for our body is how we think we looked before, or what pants size we were at a certain point in our lives. However, what if that is not the weight our bodies want to be anymore?

2. Put weight loss on the back burner and release judgement. 

You can acknowledge this desire to lose weight and put it on the back burner at the same time. Focusing on weight loss or weight gain will cloud your ability to listen to your body, so put it away. Remember that you’re leaving the results of what your body chooses to do UP TO your body – not your own control/power.

Even if you want your body to change, begin loving and respecting her now. You deserve this. You’ll be happier and so much more grateful for it. And honestly? I think this is what you’re craving anyway if you’re being honest. To love and respect yourself even when you don’t feel perfect. Even when you feel raw and perfectly-imperfect. Am I right? Once you begin to respect yourself and live life as if you already are okay with your body (she deserves this), you will become happier overall. That pleasure tank that needs filling? It will naturally become more FULL each and every day. Which is essential to making peace with food and not using food as your only or greatest source of pleasure.

3. Focus on becoming a better caretaker of yourself. 

So often we’re GREAT caretakers for others, and lack in this area for ourselves. Tuning IN to what you need, eating intuitively, learning to respect ourselves no matter what (aka, even when it’s hard), and leaving the weight loss piece up to our body’s.

Focus on what you can control: which is taking care of yourself, making loving choices, practicing self-compassion, setting a goal to learn to eat intuitively… and let your body do the rest.

My encouragement: Eat intuitively. Learn to listen to your body. Be patient with yourself. Pour on the grace. Find sustainable habits and behaviors that you love and that leave you feeling great. Get support in creating these new habits and behaviors. Take a gentle approach with nutrition: nutrition without judgement. Listening to your body, observing, experimenting. Gentle. All gentle.

Looking for support? Here are two ways you can work with me:

  1. Book a free Discovery Session for direct one on one support
  2. Join The Growth Vault for coaching on your own time and courses that will help you in your Intuitive Eating journey (we even have a new “forever” plan available – check it out!)
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