What is Authentically You? (+ Free Recording Link)

Authentically You - Goodbye: comparison, guilt, and restrictive eating. HELLO: happier, healthier, brighter YOU!

G’d morning, gorgeous!

I hope you had a chance to listen to the free recording I sent out yesterday. What did you think? If you haven’t listened yet, listen here (wait about 10-20 seconds for it to start playing). I’ve been getting great feedback!

My friend was texting me yesterday while she was listening, saying:

“Yaaaaaaay loving it, Paige!!”

“Oh my gosh you are so soothing. Like, describing how valuable it is to focus on the call, pay attention, SO GOOD!”


“Another breakthrough: I keep telling myself “It’s too late, you’re not supposed to eat after 8, you can just go to sleep…” but now I’m like SCREW THAT I’m gonna have a snack cause yo – my body is telling me she needs something.

Did you have a breakthrough while listening? Share with me! 

Today I want to share with you about my new group coaching program, Authentically You. 


Since my one-on-one program has been filling up fast, I wanted to create a way to continue reaching all of you beautiful women, but in a new way. So I came up with a group coaching program, Authentically You. This program condenses all of what I teach in my one on one six-month program into 8-weeks.

When I first got the idea for Authentically You, I began by asking my current clients to share ONE thing that they loved getting out of working with me, so I could be sure to provide you the same value.

And from there, I created a program that will help you:

  • Set a foundation of self-compassion
  • Understand WHY you do what you do
  • Stop beating yourself up and move forward
  • Find fun & pleasure in food (being a foodie, not a restrict-ie)
  • Make grocery shopping simple
  • Have more fun & enjoy eating out with less anxiety
  • Learn to honor your body where she is now (we talked about this in the free call – “if you can’t love yourself where you’re at, you won’t love yourself where you’re going”)
  • Release weight loss as a goal (I’ll teach you why this is critical if you want to become your healthiest self)
  • Learn to be more productive
  • Feel through your schedule and do more of what you want
  • Learn not to fear your feelings and teach you how to stop avoiding them
  • Think through big goals and break them down into manageable chunk sizes
  • Make better decisions, have patience, and lose the impulse behavior
  • Be kind to your future self
  • Have a gentle awareness of your long term goals to ensure that you’re working toward your authentic desires
  • …And even more as requests, challenges, and successes arise throughout the program, as we navigate this journey together (you’ll be able to ask questions, make direct requests, and ask that I speak to your exact challenges)


  • Each Monday an audio lesson will be emailed out to you (total of 8)
  • This email will include the audio lesson, notes about the lesson in writing, and when appropriate, PDF handouts to help you move through each lesson
  • Each week, I will hold two hours for phone-in group coaching. You will RSVP to these calls if you want to be there (the times I”ll hold these hours are: Tuesdays at 11:00 AM Cali time, Thursdays at 5:30 PM Cali time for the whole 8-weeks)
  • Exclusive BONUS mini-interviews (these won’t be shared anywhere else) with guest experts on all things: mastering self-care, learning to prioritize in ways that feel good, relationships & how to show up as our best selves, intuitive eating for everyone (even within the realm of allergies), & cultivating a spiritual practice
  • We will have a private online group community that will foster discussion, support, & connection between all of the women in the group
  • Early-bird BONUS: if you sign-up before August 27th & purchase the “Transform Me” package, you will also get a free 45-minute one-on-one call with me

And, if you want to find out more about what we’ll talk about in Authentically You… or if it’s right for you, just head to this page.

Have a question? Post it below in the comments. 

If you join me before this Saturday, I’ll throw in a fun bonus for you: a free one on one 45-minute coaching session with me that you can book as soon as next week, or as late as 11/30.

As my friend, who is also a coach, says: “This program can’t get any more valuable!”

Can’t wait to see you inside – learn more & join here!

Authentically You - Goodbye: comparison, guilt, and restrictive eating. HELLO: happier, healthier, brighter YOU!

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