What it Means to Live Aligned

How does your brightest self show up in life? Learn how my client’s have experienced rapid growth by choosing not to focus on their circumstance but rather on acceptance. 

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“Aligned” is such a special word to me.

When I say that word, I picture YOU picturing your most healthiest, happiest and whole version of yourself. You are showing up in all areas of your live authentic and true to your values, responding how you are proud of, even in tough moments.

I think sometimes it can be very comfortable to blame our circumstances on why we don’t do what we want to do in life. What we need to do is actually ACCEPT our circumstance.

Ex. “I am tired, but I’m going to do XYZ anyways.”

You can go through VERY valid hard things, but ALSO move forward!

Acceptance is 90% of the equation for doing the things we value.

And I don’t know about you, but I’d personally rather spend time cleaning up messes from mistakes and trial and error, than spend time feeling the intense regret of not running after my dream life.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why group coaching produces so much growth
  • The power of intentional vulnerability and community

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